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WIP – Modi.


Did a bit of work on this the other day. I had to move his hand because I couldn’t make it look right where it was; turns out it’s actually too big to fit into those pockets, which I suppose are the sort of decorative flaps you see sometimes.

And yes, his wings are too small. I thought I had measured them and they were supposed to be right, but I was oh so terribly wrong! Will have to work on that at next touch.

John and Murphy.

John the polar bear requested a pic for his birthday. He was sort of vacillating between his polar bear character in a naval uniform and his triceratops character Murphy, so I drew both of them for him.

I gave him the sketch at this year’s Furry Fiesta, along with the lineart of the last pic I did for him. Will work on coloring it eventually.

December 10, 2494.

An idea I had kicking around in my head for a while that I finally started work on at Sketch Night on Saturday. The plan is Isaac, Maxim, Huck, Modi, and Magni all around a campfire outside Dunamy Town on Huck and Maxim’s 18th birthday (old calendar).

Not too happy with the execution yet, though. I’m not sure the sketch conveys the general outline I was looking for, and I don’t like what’s up with Isaac’s head here.

WIP – Modi.

One I’ve been workin’ on for the past bit. This is Modi, Magni‘s brother.

Besides these generic profile pics I’ve also sort of started a real pic of some of the guys from Nother all together, and will probably start posting progress on that soon.

Fisting II

NSFW (M/M, fisting) below cut… »

Frostbite – B&W

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Probably the finished pencil work, starting on color and such next.

Sketch – Moriarty

Drawn at Sketch Night on Saturday. I needs to work on my impromptu sketching skills.

The day Ralph and I changed places.

June 8, 2000 — The day Ralph and I changed places
“I stood in the rain on White Oak Hill. In the heat I was
getting soaked, clothes and fur, but I didn’t move…”

Finished the first part of Ralph’s story and posted it to the library and FA.

WIP – Frostbite

Another character from the Maltese Corsairs story, a sketch I started yesterday:


This picture.. or maybe just his garb, makes Frostbite look shorter and squatter than I imagine him, so I guess that’ll be something to work on in revision.  He is in fact a tiger, though the shape of his face has caused rumors to spread that he’s part wolf.  Another rumor is that his name was just ‘Frost’ until one day when he gnawed another man’s leg off in a fight.   Somehow his generally gentlemanly demeanor tends to make people believe that story more than otherwise: that’s just the kind of thing a guy like him would do if he snapped, is bite another guy’s leg off.  This, combined with his rank as first mate, pretty much ensures that no one will cross him, or indeed even approach him at all unless absolutely necessary.

I suppose that before piratical life his name was Giacomo.

WIP – Octogon.

Started this one tonight. Been a while since I started a drawing from scratch! It’s been so much finishing up old stuff.

I had a sort of King-Kong-on-top-of-a-skyscraper-motif in mind; don’t know how well that’ll be pulled off.

Also, tentacles are hard, man.