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Bailey Fox.

Haven’t posted much lately because I haven’t been doing much — trying to get back in the creating groove. I did, however, finish the pic of my absent bf that’s been sitting as the latest post here for a while.

Really happy with the way it came out. Keep coming back to look at it.

WIP – Octogon.

Started this one tonight. Been a while since I started a drawing from scratch! It’s been so much finishing up old stuff.

I had a sort of King-Kong-on-top-of-a-skyscraper-motif in mind; don’t know how well that’ll be pulled off.

Also, tentacles are hard, man.

Sugar Loop

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So here’s the final of this guy:

press to swell

The background I’m less than happy with—I need to get used to doing them, really. Also, you people didn’t tell me last time that he was missing a sleeve… Get on the ball, guys!

John and Muke

Finished this at furmeet last week; thought I’d post it here even though it’s already up on FA.

Hooray for tiggyback rides :9

WIP – John & Muke

I didn’t like the first start I had made on this pic, so I started over differentleh.

Pay no attention to how awful Moriarty looks in this, I haven’t been able to put much work into him yet.

WIP – Koopa.

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This week started working onna belt. Not sure how well that’ll come out, but this is what we’re workin’ with so far:


Loops’re a bit thick, I’ll hafta fix that.