Myces icon!!

Finished the ottiger pic [nsfw] and it’s up on FA now.

Next on my list was to whip this out:

Makin’ morphs is waaay too fun!

Here’s what the original pics looked like:

Gotta say I’m pretty chuffed. (Outside of how huge my chin looks at the original angle!) I could make it better, maybe, but I think it’s good as is, at least for this size… what do you guys think?

Made this in Morpheus with a bit of Photoshoppin’.



Just a basic lion design, kind of inspired by the tiger T-shirt I made, but a little bit retooled, hopefully to be easier to parse.  This one is also available on a shirt.  Like the first one, the design is on the small side (a bit over 5″×2½″, if I reckon correctly)—I’ve not feeling too comfortable with huge designs lately.  I’ll try and aim for something bigger next time.

The lion is from a photo by Chris Gin on flickr, which is cc-by.

(Also available as wallpaper.)