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Spyke Jackalope


[WIP] Jackalope

*dusts off blog* Yeah, it’s been a while. This was requested by Spyke, and I already see a lot of things that need fixing -.- Will do some tweaks before coloring.


EDIT: I’ve done loooots of fixing and posted the final piece, which looks a lot better!  You can also see it on FA.

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[B&W] On the roof.

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One I was working on recently…

[B&W] Μεταμορφῶ

So I have a habit of taking on additional characters for different aspects of myself. Always separately, though, and wondered what it would look like if I bothered to combine them all together.

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Bailey Fox.

Haven’t posted much lately because I haven’t been doing much — trying to get back in the creating groove. I did, however, finish the pic of my absent bf that’s been sitting as the latest post here for a while.

Really happy with the way it came out. Keep coming back to look at it.

[WIP] Bailey.

Only one post today. Reached the end of my backlog and need to reload. This is a pic I started at Sketch Nite this weekend for my boyfriend BaileyFox (FA’s ABBailey1981).

I sent him a copy for feedback but lately he’s been as elusive as Aurora Giselle SanDiego, so I may not hear back for a while: you guys get to give the feedback.

I had the pose and a vague idea of the setting before I started. I only had to change it slightly so the scenery would make a little sense. You can’t make out much of the background in this scan but I think it may come out pretty well; someone who saw it at Sketch Nite said ‘that looks so peaceful; I wish I was there.’

So I think at least that part of it has the potential for success. Another thing I’m trying new here is the eye shape. Those of you who watch my stuff know that in general my eyes tend to suck. So last week I sat down with nine favorite artists—in alphabetical order, Blazingcheeks, Bravo, Captaingerbear, Greening, Kahmari, Khatoblepas, -Kronexfire-, Kuma, and Raccoondrew—and examined eye shapes in several of their pieces, copying out many. I have a whole sheet of eyes now, and I’ve learned a couple of things now for my own work: chief among which is that the visible part of the eye—or at least of the eye + lid complex in general—tends to be drawn with a shape leaning towards the triangular. This was entirely news to me. (I’ll probably post my eye sheet later.)

At any rate, I do like the eye I came up with on this piece, even if it does feel a bit toonier than my usual stuff.

[WIP] Ralph and his tiger.

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[WIP] Iñigo.

Another one of our tiger pirates.

What I’d written so far hadn’t really given Iñigo much of a personality. I think he definitely has one now…

Before becoming a pirate I guess his name would have been Aureo.

So many skinny characters! Argh! And his head looks too big. Hmm.

Ralph’s tiger.

For those who wanted to know what Frank looks like and haven’t already seen on FA:

Ralph's tiger

Will probably color it eventually.

The hair in this shot is a little too short to get away with not drawing eyes. Will probably work on lengthening that hair some.

The logo on the baseball cap is that of the Chattanooga Lookouts. Though Ralph was born in Texas and Frank in Georgia, they grew up in Tennessee and still live there at the beginning of their adventures. In broad outline their home setting is the Ooltewah-Collegedale area, though the finer details of the geography of the area do differ a little (White Oak Mountain seems to be called ‘White Oak Hill’ in Turia, and I have no idea anymore what ‘Green Frog Mountain’ from the day of the naked hike is supposed to correspond to).

[WIP] Myces, page 5

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