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Sketch – Moriarty

Drawn at Sketch Night on Saturday. I needs to work on my impromptu sketching skills.

Kit and Muke

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I tried doing a background on this. It just didn’t work out. I tried a couple, actually. But they were all grafted-on kind of things. When I start doing new stuff from here on out I’m going to try and remember to keep backgrounds in mind. Don’t you all forget to remind me.

John and Muke

Finished this at furmeet last week; thought I’d post it here even though it’s already up on FA.

Hooray for tiggyback rides :9

WIP – John & Muke

I didn’t like the first start I had made on this pic, so I started over differentleh.

Pay no attention to how awful Moriarty looks in this, I haven’t been able to put much work into him yet.

WIP [coloring] – Kit and Muke.

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I really, really, have to work harder on drawing backgrounds and objects in the future. D:

WIP – Riding


I fixed the issue with the legs I was talking about last time, but it could probably do with a bit more work before we throw more detail on.   I’m not happy with the saddle, though, and I think his tail came out a bit thinner than usual; I’ll have to work on that.

WIP – Bluejays.


I still don’t have the skills to draw on the tablet, but I’m working on it. That arm, though, really needs help.

WIP [coloring] – Kit and Muke

I throw in about four different layers to make the change from the last stage to this:


But I don’t think any amount of Photoshop tweaking can save the background, I’m afraid.  Enh… we’ll see, I guess.

WIP – Bluejays

This is part of a frame from a sort of practice animation I’ve been working on in Flash, involving a certain tiger frolicking avec un geai bleu.   I’m afraid I never have gotten the hang of drawing on the tablet yet, so this is also an excuse to do un poquito de eso.  What progress I made this week, vide infra:


It’s actually a little better than I thought it was.  But then, I guess I was thinking of the other frames in the set which, now that I look at them, are actually not of very good quality.

WIP [detail] – Riding

This picture is going to be a little bit ambitious, so there’s a decent chance it won’t be any good for a long time.  Outside of a few establishing outlines, this is all I’ve got to show so far:


And it ain’t much!

This is, of course, Moriarty, doing his job as a riding beast, with one of those little headset thingies clamped to his ear.  As for the legs, you’d think after having a quadrupedal avatar for so long I’d know how to draw forelegs properly.   Gyah!  Look for them to be redrawn by next time.