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[wip] Scott.

It was only just beginning to be evening when I got to City Promenade, and every step made my body wobble in a quite distracting fashion as I endeavored to show my new self.

Of course in my current state it was hard to recognize me for me—though anyone that knew me must see the resemblances or the signature of my art.

Nobody knew me that well, really.

Actually, being that this was the city promenade, many didn’t realize I was a real person at all—I was just a walking balloon, which was only mildly unusual.

Of course, once we got to Carnival Square it’d be different.

[partim] Scott the Alchemist 4.

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The confused thoughts of the human getting used to his new situation bounced around in my head as I went around the room, trying not to stumble as I got used to walking on four feet.

Once I thought I had it down, I went back to my workbench, looking through the other potions I kept handy.

What, this isn’t enough for you? Toby thought.

What point is there in ever stopping? I grabbed a viscous pink potion from the shelf, unstoppered it, and drank it down.

Gah, that tastes like rubber! came Toby’s thought, after a few moments.

So will we.

The change started working from the inside out, the only initial signs being a feeling of extreme lightness—an effect of the dissolution of the fat and internal organs—then a feeling of flexibility as the same happened to the bones, and a feeling of weakness as the muscles, too, evaporate into thin air, leaving the body a hollow shell, though perhaps still a bit solid to the touch, due to being filled with air.

Once all that prep work is out of the way, the visible changes begin—the potion starts working through the vacated hide and changing its substance, from ordinary flesh and fur into a specific rubberlatex designed for resilient springiness, sturdy unbreakability, and an appealing fresh scent, which took quite a lot of time to get just right.

Ars est celare artem, though, and I could feel Toby’s thoughts, taking the workmanship for granted and entirely focusing on the sensation of being turned into the hindquarters of a balloonish tigertaur.

I’ll have to teach that boy some appreciation for the art.

[partim] Scott the Alchemist 4.

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[partim] Scott the Alchemist 4.

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[partim] Scott the Alchemist 4.

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[WIP] Iñigo.

Another one of our tiger pirates.

What I’d written so far hadn’t really given Iñigo much of a personality. I think he definitely has one now…

Before becoming a pirate I guess his name would have been Aureo.

So many skinny characters! Argh! And his head looks too big. Hmm.

[partim] Scott the Alchemist 4.

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[partim] Scott the Alchemist 4.

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[WIP] Fiordaliso.

So, this is Fiordaliso, another of the Maltese Corsairs. I didn’t have his description on me when I started working on him at Sketch Nite in Boulder last week, so I’ll be making a few modifications when I get to working on him next.

According to the code, the description of Fiordaliso is “The night lookout is a small, scrawny fellow with scraggly whiskers. His fur is a dark blue-grey and he usually dresses all in black. There are three piercings in his right ear. You may not believe the stories about the first mate being part wolf, but every time you look at Fiord you can’t help but think the tiger may be mostly rat.”

Before becoming a pirate, his name would have been Giglio.

[WIP] Rook.

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And this would be the much-rumoured birdsona. This guy’s name is Careless Rook, and he’s a pied crow. I started drawing him at Sketch Nite in Boulder last week, but wasn’t able to finish it because I couldn’t conjure off the top of my head how bird wings and feet were supposed to look.