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The pudgy human wriggled his way out of my arms.

“C’mon tiger, we have a date to go on.”

I got up and cancelled the body changes, holding on to the back of the chair to stabilize myself as my shrinking cock changed my center of gravity. I didn’t bother trying an explanation; clearly the boy didn’t have the attention span for it.

I looked him over as I picked up the bottle I’d prepared with a gloved paw.  I shouldn’t think of him like that… I still hadn’t let him know my long-term intentions, so… I can’t fault him for not trying to meet my expectations.

I handed Toby the bottle.  “Drink that,” I said. He unscrewed the cap and sniffed at it, making a puzzled face.  “What—”

“Just drink it,” I said, bending over my workbench, tail up.

He pinched his nose and chugged it down.  An elaborate change like this took a lot—but he’d downed the whole liter in almost no time.

He gasped a bit, and stuck out his tongue.  “Now, how’s a drink supposed to make me part of you—oh.”

I just held my position, tail up, moving my rump from side to side slowly, looking over my shoulder at the poor human, who was shuffling closer to me, an empty look of hunger on his face.

That’s it.

He sank to his knees behind me, and with a noise like “Ngkhmmm…” buried his face in my ass, tongue out and licking hard.

The intensity of that smooth tongue on my tailhole made it hard to stay upright, even leaning against the workbench.  My tail curled around the human’s body and I pushed back against him, feeling that tongue drive in deeper.

Rrrrh, that boy…