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I rested the weight of my rump on Toby’s head and sat down hard, feeling my tailhole open up to engulf the human’s head, the poor boy still hungrily licking me out from the inside.

With a growl I pulled down harder, and I felt the change start to take effect as my tailhole closed up around his neck.

So full.

So tight, came another thought.

“Comfortable, man?” I said.

I felt his enjoyment traveling through me, and then the change started spreading.  Stripy fur ran down the human’s back, spreading around to his belly.  His arms reached up and wrapped around my legs before melding into them, his shoulders merging with my rump.

My tail sank into the flesh of his spine, which extended out the other end of him, forming a tail of its own.

His legs started to change as well, becoming more like that of a feral tiger, and as the changes spread along his underside I felt the effect complete—we were a tigertaur.