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I all-out ran home.  I had to see.  But when I reached the apartment door I knew I should recover myself before going in—actually I felt kind of faint.

So I sat by the door and tried to catch my breath, though this didn’t help me overcome my anticipation any as the quieting of my own breathing allowed me to hear heavy breathing within.

Hard and already dripping, I got up and put my key in to unlock the door but found it already unlocked; I swung it open and there was Jay,—looking absolutely enormous at 450, entirely naked, with the thin man from the coffee shop in black and gray between his legs, sucking him off, as he sat in a chair facing the door.

Half of me was thinking “Fuck…yeah.” While the other half was noticing this view was only possible because the living room had been rearranged—the couch, against the wall now, would have been blocking the view before.

The thin man had stopped when he’d heard the door open, but Jay put a hand—a big, meaty hand—on the back of his head and pushed him back down to his crotch.  “It’s just my roommate,” he said.  “He knows he can watch if he likes.  Though I wish he would—he never does.”

What? I thought.  Why would I turn this down?

—I never did. But before the change I never had the opportunity.  Never watching him before apparently meant something different now, but was still true.

I was sitting there flustered but Jay was still talking to me.  “Are you sure you won’t sit and watch with me, buddy? Just this once?  Mmm…” he said, ruffling the thin man’s hair.  “Keep doing that.  Please?”  The plea was not to the man sucking his cock, but to me.

I shook my head, trying to clear off the stunned shock that had come over me even though this was exactly what I’d been imagining all day.

Whatever I’d done in the new past or the old, today I had the chance to enjoy watching Jay, and I was going to take it.  I shucked off my shoes, ditched my pants, and sat on the couch, jerking my cock and admiring every round inch of my roommate as a stranger worshipped his dick.

“Awh, fuck yeah,” growled Jay, grinning hungrily, and watched me as he kept his hand on his cocksucker’s head, grinding his hips—those massive, round, squeezable hips—into the lucky fellow’s face.

The sheer masculine power in him was enough to get me off almost immediately, splattering an enormous load all over my work shirt.

When Jay saw this he started thrusting faster into the thin man’s mouth, and it wasn’t long before—“Get ready to swallow, boy,” and he shoved his dick deep into the thin man’s throat, burying the lucky fellow’s face in his pubic fat.

The man swallowed frantically till Jay let go of his head and pulled out.

I saw his whole dick for the first time, at least in the memories I had this morning. Of course now I’ve always seen Jay naked, but it still felt like a first time.

It had to have been nine inches and was the fattest natural dick I’ve ever seen.

Part of me was wondering how big he must’ve been before I’d made him fat.

Part of me, even though I’d just cum, was eager to put it in my mouth.

Jay walked the thin man to the door and said goodbye to him.

When he was gone, I slid off the couch and knelt at Jay’s feet, immediately taking as much of that fat wet cock into my mouth as I could.  He was clearly surprised, but didn’t stop me.

Part of me was enjoying sucking my obese roommate’s spent cock more than I’d ever enjoyed anything in my life.

And part of me was already writing up a new ad in my head, because an insatiable part of me started thinking: “What if he had two dicks this big?”