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Stories from Nother

Twilight in the Library
“The only library in Lunar City belongs to the university.
It doesn’t get many visitors…”

…and thou.
“On a cool April day—the sun shining with a softness of color
that pastelized the world—Kohath was shopping…”

Stories from Turia

June 8, 2000 — The day Ralph and I changed places
“I stood in the rain on White Oak Hill. In the heat I was
getting soaked, clothes and fur, but I didn’t move…”

October 1, 2000 — The day of the naked hike
“Sleepy. Was up all night studying.
Well, I say studying…”

November 6, 2000 — The day I first travelled in time
“I woke in the dark to banging on my door.
I rolled over to look at the clock: 4:30 AM.
Must be Ralph, then. All the sane people are still in bed.”

Mister Shine came to town
“Maybe it was a mistake to come out here.
The city is no place for people like me…”

Jan’s birthday
“It’s been nearly three months I’ve been with Jan.
Today was his birthday…”

Stories from Sextus

[NSFW]Toby meets Scott
“I met up with a guy I knew online for some play last weekend, since we seemed to have a lot in common.
I hadn’t expected species would be one of our differences…”

[NSFW]Arky’s offer
“I woke to the sound of my alarm clock going off at the obscene hour of four sixteen.
The darn thing won’t be fixed, not by magic nor by mechanics…”

[NSFW] Arky’s offer 2
“I was in the middle of my mid-afternoon pawing-off
when I was interrupted by a knock at the door…”

Miscellaneous stories

The Namers
“The man was sitting in a magnolia tree naming the animals as the day was cooling to evening.
He made names for the creatures that could not speak as they passed by…”

“I looked at the costume in its box and tried to hold out against the temptation to wear it again.
I didn’t want to wear it—it wanted me to wear it…”

Changes[NSFW] Changes
“I got up before the alarm went off, slid my dick off my chest, and let it counterweight me to an upright position.
Another day had brought more growth to my girth, and I’ve got to say, I was pretty proud of its progress.”

[NSFW] Another Full Day
“Billy scratched the underside of his bright gut idly as he searched the freezer for another carton of ice cream.
The big lantern tiger had gotten a lot bigger since moving in…”

[NSFW] Muke’s Massage
“It was Sunday morning, and as usual I was knocking at Frey’s door,
like I did every Sunday while his roommate was out…”

“It was a cool autumn night and the full moon was shining brightly on an icebear,
who was climbing up the wall of a little house.”

“I went to the cave alone, arriving shortly after dark.
They say you have to come alone; they don’t say why.”

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