Muke’s Massage

It was Sunday morning, and as usual I was knocking at Frey’s door, like I did every Sunday while his roommate was out. Still, I was knocking quietly, so as not to wake the rest of the dorm.

Usually I’d play it on the safe side and knock too quietly… wait a bit… then knock just a stotch louder… then repeat… but this time the yote was waiting for me at the first knock.

“Come on, come in,” he said, and I did.

Frey’s room was one of those enormous suites, whereas on my wing we just had a closet and bed–if that–and communal showers… so usually we hung out in his room.

As soon as I’d entered, he was hugging me, squeezing my shoulders. I returned the embrace, nuzzling against him and his soft fur.

“Care for a relaxing massage between friends?” he said.

I sat up on the massage table he pointed out. “Sounds like it might be nice.”

He rubbed his nose against mine a bit and nodded. “On your stomach, please,” he said.

I rolled over as directed with my tail up, wagging it around. He moved up and sat next to me, batting my tail aside, and leaned over me, massaging my shoulders with firm, gentle strokes.

Frey really does give the best massages. I murred happily, my stiff shoulders loosening up under his paws. Once he’d finished my shoulders, he worked his way down my back, his pawpads rubbing over it in circular motions. I sighed happily, tail wagging faster, as my body relaxed under him.

His paws hesitated when he reached the base of my tail. I turned to look at him and saw him staring at my tail in confusion.

“Meep?” I said.

“Hrmm,” he said, a bit dreamily. “I never can figure out how to massage a tail. Oh well, here goes nothing.” He smiled.

Frey gripped my tail’s base with his paw, his paws moving up hand over fist till he reached the end of my tail. It seemed weird, but it felt good anyway, and I could feel my body relaxing further. “That must be the right way,” I said.

“‘Kay, back to the top,” he said, turning to face my upper half again. He took my paw in his, squeezing along it firmly, his thumb stroking along my palm. He made a fist and rolled his knuckles up and down the length of my arms.

“That feels good,” I said, melting a bit. “Mmm…” My tail wouldn’t stop wagging; it thumped Frey’s side again and again.

He didn’t seem to mind at first, but after his fingers had moved up and worked their magic on my neck he turned and stared it down. “Hey,” he said, as it hit him again, “You’ve got a stray tail here.”

He hopped up on the table, straddling my back, and sat down on it, squashing my tail hard.

I yeeped.

“There. Tail problem solved.” He leaned over me and rubbed his paws over my canine muzzle and face, scritching gently. Regardless of my flattened tail, I knew there was a big foolish grin on my face.

He took my ears in his paws, rubbing them between his fingers; I could feel them softening up with relaxation. I rumbled contentedly, and he suddenly leaned forward a bit, inspecting my ears as if he’d seen something weird.

I was going to ask what it was, but then he let go of my ears and span around on my tail, causing me to yelp a bit. “Now for the lower half.”

He scooted back on my back a little, making exaggerated motions with his rump as he went–I think he was honestly trying to massage me with his butt.

“Having fun?” I said, chuckling a bit.

“Heh… I don’t think that worked as I thought it would,” he said. “Oops.” He took a glance down at the task at paw. “Well, there’s not really a delicate way to do this…” He crooked the fingers of both paws and went in on either side of my tail, flexing them vigorously. “Gluteus maximus massage!”

I yipped again as the crazy yote worked my rump till it was loose, then, with a decisive “Okay, enough of that,” started working down my legs, firmly massaging all the way to my ankles. It was relaxing and had me constantly making little noises of appreciation, but all too soon he was climbing off me and moving to the far end of the table.

“Done already?” I said.

“Not quite.” He took one of my footpaws in both hands and started firmly but gently squeezing and kneading it.

“Whee,” I said, murring a bit, my tail starting to wag, now that it was free again.

He released the one footpaw and repeated the process on the other, and I sighed happily, stretching out my toes.

When he was done he let go and stood beside the table. “Okay, lemme help you flip over.” He grabbed one side of me and I rolled over on my back.

“Okay,” I said, grabbing one side of him. “Lemme help you flip over.” I rolled him over, exposing…everything. “My, my,” I said.

“Yours, yours?” Muke said, laughing.

I rubbed over his chubby belly a bit with both paws, trying not to let the revelation distract me. I try not to be that kind of masseur…. it could wait till later. My paws moved idly up his chest, away from the distraction, trying to focus.

“Hrm,” I said, finally. “Y’know, I had a little problem with the tail on the other side… now there’s a whole new problem–and it’s roughly in the same spot.” And this problem isn’t little at all, I added to myself.

Muke laughed. “I’m sure you can think of a hundred ways to take care of that problem.”

I leaned in closer to his muzzle as I started massaging his collarbone. “And do you have a preferred way?”

“Well,” he said, blushing a bit, “You could always take it off and stuff it somewhere… anywhere…”

“Heh… why not?” I gave in, reaching down to cup his furry sac, hefting it in one paw while the other gently ran across his member. “Well,” I hesitated, “I did promise a massage.”

The other yote squeaked questioningly.

I squeezed his bits, eliciting a mrowl from him and a sizable drop of pre from his dick. My paws moved down and slowly, carefully pinched the base and separated it from his body.

He shivered a bit as his parts separated from him.

I held them up theatrically. “Ta-da!”

He giggled. “The operation was a success, doctor?”

I held his member up to my nose and sniffed along the length of it. He was musky, but in a good way. I put on my best highbrow impression. “Not quite the same bouquet as my usual imported cigars, but satisfactory.” He laughed.

“Hrmm,” I said. “Where to put this, where to put this?” I tapped his member absently against the side of my head like a pencil. His balls flopped and jostled with every motion, causing him to squirm a bit… of course, he could still feel the whole apparatus as if it were still in place.

I clambered up onto his chest, pinning his arms to the table with my legs, and sat on him with my tail flicking across his round tummy. He yipped excitedly, enjoying being pinned, and when his mouth opened I stuffed his member down the length of his muzzle–“Hold this, will you?”–with his sac dangling outside of it, just under his nose. He gacked a bit at first but accepted his shaft with a meek expression.

“Hrmm?” I said. “You don’t seem too happy about that….” I pulled it back out again. It was dripping with yote slobber. “Uck! … Yikes, I guess I didn’t plan that one through.”

“That was okay,” Muke said, “I’m just a bit… big for my own mouth, and not comfortable to sit down my whole throat…”

I wasn’t paying attention to him, though; my entire attention was consumed by the dripping part I held dangling from two fingers. I tried not to go OCD on it but I wasn’t sure what to do. “I’ve got to find a place to clean this off before Muke sees it,” I muttered to myself. (I don’t think I was really all there. It was dripping over my good table, man.) I tossed it across the room to the sink to wash it off later. “Whew… glad that’s over. Muke will never kn–”

Muke let out a loud yelp as he felt his dick thud against the side of the sink and roll to the bottom. “Gah!” I said. “I forgot you were th–”

I was interrupted by a loud metallic grinding sound.

“Gyaah!” he yelled, and I sweated a bit as I realized what was happening.

“Poopie! The garbage disposal!” I jumped off him and ran for the sink. I got there in time to watch his shaft slip down the drain, while Muke whimpered behind me. I reached into the sink and grabbed his member by the balls before they went down the drain, but by the time I’d pulled it back, the balls were all that was left.

“What’s the prognosis?” He called out.

“Um,” I said. “Be with you in a minute!” I flipped off the disposal and rummaged around in the cabinet under the sink. “Sure glad I went with this cheap ’empty-it-yourself’ variety…” I said to myself. I picked out what I could from the receptacle and returned to the other yote with his balls in one hand and the remains of his dick in the other… which I kept behind my back, not wanting to distress him any further.

He looked up at me. “Mm?”

“Heh,” I said, “Let’s put this back where it belongs for the moment.” I put his sac back between his legs and gingerly patted it into place. It failed to take hold and slid right off his crotch, landing on the table with a quiet thud. “Gah!” I said. “Um… I can fix that.”

Muke only laughed.

“Here,” I said, bringing my other hand around and sprinkling the large bits of yotestuff all over his chest and tummy, crotch and legs. “Um… think of that as… massage oils… or soaps, or… uh… something.”

“Um,” he said. “Maybe you could just stuff that in the sac there.”

I froze. He didn’t know, did he? I scooted down to his feet quickly. “Lemme keep that massage going a bit more. Just relax.”

“Okay,” he said.

I kneaded his foot between my hands, considerably more nervous than before, but Muke was murring softly and relaxing anyway. I squished and pressed his toes, individually, and then all together, feeling his flesh softening between my fingers.

Looking up at him to see if he was watching, I tried stealthily to merge the two feet into one, massaging a bit more vigorously to distract him from the change. He didn’t notice a thing; the tubby yote probably couldn’t even see his feet over his gut anyway. I kneaded his feet together till they formed an amorphous mass, and Muke just kept on rumbling happily, enjoying the massage.

My paws moved upwards, pressing his legs together, rubbing over them and squeezing them together, pinching the softening yotestuff together with my palms. I forgot about his sac, though; as his legs melded together, they squeezed it between them, and the pressure was apparently enough to grab his attention.

He looked down at me and meeped questioningly; I quickly grabbed his fluffy tail and covered his groin, leaning over to hide his lower body from view. “What? Heh,” I said, grinning sheepishly.

He chuckled. “You’re doing a great job, keep going.”

Way to guilt-trip a guy.

“Thanks,” I said, and resumed pressing and kneading his legs together into one larger mass, rubbing in the fragments of his cock as I went. He shivered a bit at the sensation, and I eased up some so he wouldn’t get suspicious before rubbing over his tail and blank crotch.

I looked him over; the tubby yote was a big lumpy mass from the waist down. I smiled to myself nervously.

“Having fun, yote?” he said.

“Yes,” I said, a bit more squeakily than I intended, and cleared my throat. “Yes, of course. Just a little comfort between friends, right?”

“I’m very comfortable,” he said. “And relaxed… my legs feel like just a big mass of jelly.”

My eyes widened a bit. “What?!” I yelped again, and started rubbing his belly, kneading the remaining scraps of his cock into his hide, hoping to distract him with the pleasure. I cleared my throat again as he started squirming with enjoyment. “I mean, yes, sometimes I tend to have that sort of effect on people… Not literally, of course… I mean, that’s not even possible, right, so-don’t-even-think-about-it-Don’t-worry-everything’s-fine.” That last bit came out all in a rush.

Luckily massaging the scraps of his dick into his belly seemed to be effective in keeping him from noticing my panic. He pushed his belly up and out to be rubbed, and I took the opportunity to enjoy running my paws through his soft fur.

Even without having his dick on it became clear he was getting aroused… I could tell from his hand on my crotch. As he rubbed me in return, I leaned in a bit, shut my eyes, and stroked softly over his tummy and chest. He reached down to cup my balls, and then reached a bit further, to finger my tailhole slightly… when I heard the most inopportune sound of my roommate’s key in the lock.

I acted on reflex, grabbing Muke and wadding him up all together before he could protest, and tossed him in my nearest drawer for safekeeping before the door opened.

I was out of breath, though, and still visibly aroused. My roomie just laughed and shook his head as he sat down to work on a paper… and didn’t leave for the rest of the day.

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