I got up before the alarm went off, slid my dick off my chest, and let it counterweight me to an upright position.  Another day had brought more growth to my girth, and I’ve got to say, I was pretty proud of its progress.

Before the Changes had started, my dick was a modest five inches.  Today it was at least two and a half feet, and far too thick to wrap my hands around – I’d say it’s more of a wrap-your-arms-around size.

It’s at least half a foot longer than anyone else’s on the bus ride to work.

I stretched and yawned, trying to reach full wakefulness as precum puddled on the floor around my feet and balls.  (Did I mention my balls? They’re pretty impressive too, these days.  Massive, firm beach balls reaching nearly to the ground when I walk, and spreading my knees wide apart when I sit.)

I stood up and entirely failed to feel the weight of my nuts hanging at my groin.  Did I say nearly to the ground?  Today, they finally landed.  My dick shot a spurt of pre-cum across the room from arousal and I quietly strutted around the room, practicing dragging my balls behind me.

Happy otter.  My coworkers will be so jealous.

I put on a good shirt and turned back to where my bear still lay sleeping, on his back with his own respectable length hovering over his  belly. It was his day off, so I didn’t want to wake him, but that did mean it was his turn to incubate.

I reached under my tail and plunged my paw deep into my massive tailhole – incidentally drenching the bear with increased blasts of pre – and rummaged around inside until I found my prize, pulling out an egg about the size of a softball, only slightly stained from its overnight resting place.

Of course, my sweetheart would be lying on his back so I couldn’t get past his nuts to put our egg – I still smiled at the thought, our egg – under his tail, but there were still plenty more warm places on him.  So a moment later I was pressing the still-slimy egg to his piss-slit, watching it part like a mouth to swallow our unhatched young.  The inside of his dick is always pretty slick, so I knew there’d be no risk of waking him with something as small as my arm.   I pushed in, my wrist and forearm following the egg into my lover’s dick, burying it deep before pulling my arm out again slowly.  I thought of getting off for him, giving him a nice big load of cum and a Change, but I wanted to get to work early—I had a presentation I wanted to get ready for.

I gave his dick and forehead quick kisses and snuck out the door, balls dragging behind me.

I made it to the bus stop on time, but there were already a few people waiting.  My balls were hurting a bit from being dragged over the sidewalk but I wasn’t about to complain.   The puddle of sex around the ladies and gentlemen waiting for the bus was more than soothing enough to make up for it.

I stood beside a rhino I recognized – we stroked each other’s dickheads hello – and I started waiting for the bus.

A moment later I looked up as I felt an unexpected shower.  Fortunately it wasn’t rain… just a tiger who’d come up to the bus stop, stiff dick pissing a fountain into the air.   (When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.)  A chubby but well-dressed vixen standing by us unfurled an umbrella to protect her garment.  Another lady, less prepared, looked at us pleadingly, so I—





—”You won’t need to remember any of that,” a tiger in front of me said.

I won’t need to remember any of that, I thought.  There was a bittersweet taste in my mouth, like cum and piss mixed together, as I turned away from the tiger and got on the bus, which looked like it had been waiting for us.

The seats of course had all been taken, so I took the opportunity to sit on the rhino’s jutting cock.  It filled my torso nicely and I whiled away the long ride by rocking on it, cradling my own dick to my chest and slurping pre from it.

Either he’d just cum before getting on the bus or he had a lot of staying power, as I wasn’t able to get him off until shortly before my stop.  I felt my body filling, my belly bloating as his cum flowed into me, making my ottery swimmer’s build lose some of its tone.

“Don’t worry,” he said.

I didn’t worry.

“You won’t be able to hold it in.”

I definitely felt like I was about to lose it, but luckily his bone was holding it all in place at the moment.

“Make my acquaintance again tomorrow.”

Someone pushed me up, and the cock of a rhino I thought I recognized slid out of my ass, followed by a spray of cum that spilled all over his lap.

I got off the bus alone, my ass spurting all over my dragging balls, and I saw one of Them.

It was a fox with what looked like a pillowcase covering his groin.

Now, the only reason a grown man would cover their genitals would be because they were one of Them.

They, of course, underwent the Changes just like the rest of us.  But They were… I don’t know how to explain it.  They were just mentally unbalanced.

The fox stared at my dripping cock like he was going to be ill.  I tried to approach him but he backed away.  “I’m not going to hurt you,” I said, coming closer.  He backed away further, but found himself in a corner.

Freak,” he said.  “I’m a freak…”

“I don’t know what that means,” I said.  “Let me help you.”

He curled up into a ball on the floor.  I reached for the pillowcase hanging between his legs, but he slapped my paw away.  I made another attempt, a quick lunge, and finally brought his bits to the light of day.

At first glance I thought it was a short, stubby, nine-incher with a nutsack down to his knees, but then I looked again and saw he had female parts—a thick clit projecting from massive hanging labia—

Lucky bastard, everyone’ll want him.

“It’s all right,” I said, dropping to my knees beside him, rubbing my wet cockhead against his rump.  “Here, just to calm you down… I won’t try to knock you up, you’ve probably got enough going on…”

“Help,” he said, very quietly.

“I am helping,” I said, sliding my shaft in deep.

Sooo slick and soft.


I stopped mid-thrust.  The one-of-Them shook in my arms.  Fear—I’d forgotten what that meant.  How could I forget what that meant?


I started shaking as memories of pain returned—I felt what I’m sure the poor guy was feeling, his body being stretched to the point of extreme pain by a massive cock.

An image pushed its way into my vision, and everything else blurred out. It was a wolf, a gray one, snarling and yelling at someone off-camera.  “The empath is fighting back!  We’re losing translation!  Get it back online, dammit!”


The confusing memories faded—instead I felt what I was sure the poor guy was feeling, his body being stretched to the point of extreme pleasure by a massive cock.  I suddenly recognized the wolf—it was Master Cardo! In my head!  What an honor!  “It’s all right, little one,” he said.  “Keep up the good fight.”  The image disappeared.


Run? Why would the poor guy want to run?  “Shh,” I said, stroking the one-of-Them‘s back as I resumed thrusting into his slick warmth.  “We can go running later.”

“Help,” he said again.  Water was in his eyes, like he’d been cutting onions.

“I am helping,” I said again, driving two and a half feet of ottercock home, throbbing inside him as I began to flood his inward parts with my cum.

Like I said, they’re a bit mentally unbalanced.  It’s our duty to help them back to their senses by helping Change them.  “You’ll relax now,” I said, feeling my warm seed run out of him and down my hip.

He shuddered, like he was cold.  It was warm out, but I picked up his pillowcase and covered his shoulders with it, and stroked him a bit.  “It’s all right… you’re one of Us now…”

He shook his head.  “No… no…”  His eyes were still wet.

I didn’t know what to do next.  Didn’t that work?  The Master said we should always be able to help Them.

My boss came out the front door of the building, tilting his head to glare at me from around his thick four-foot horsecock.   “C’mon, Holtzclaw, you’ve got a presentation to give.  We haven’t got all day.”

I pulled a business card from my wristwallet and put it by the poor fox’s paw.  “Call me anytime you need more help,” I said. “I’ll be glad to give it another go.”

As I went in to work, dragging my balls behind me, I watched the fox pull the pillowcase over his head, still curled up in the corner.  Maybe, I thought, there’s just some people you can’t help.

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