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[WIP] Myces page 5

Apparently I haven’t posted any progress on this page yet?
Well, there hasn’t been much done in a while, though I did get some done this week.
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WIP – Myces page 4

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Myces 2 – Fenceposts.

Woot! Finished coloring this page… so now I’m done with the color backlog on Myces stuff, more or less, and can focus on coloring the last page and drawing the next.
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Myces page 3 – Telebuttation

Well, I was wrong about the Magni profile coming next — that honor went to the next page of the satyr comic.

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Myces page 4 – final B&W

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Myces page 1 – Bunny stuffing.

Finally finished this page! Woot for getting things done.

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WIP – Myces page 4

Prior version of this panel | More Myces


So, time to start getting this page into a presentable shape… at least, as presentable as satyr stories get.

WIP [coloring] – Myces 2

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WIP [coloring, partim] – Myces page 1

(Regarding the tags: I’ve decided for convenience’ sake to call Myces’ world “Terce”, in the way Maxim’s is “Nother”, so from here on out you can watch that tag for things set here even if Myces doesn’t appear in them.)

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WIP [coloring] – Myces page 2

Didn’t get to make much progress this week.  Not really happy with the way the lines are coming out—I really want to get back into doing linework properly, by hand (it’s on my agenda for my next batch of arts).

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