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WIP [partim] – Myces page 4

Satyrisks are weird, man.  Жуй хуй indeed.

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WIP [coloring] – Myces page 1 (Bunny stuffing)

Been working on coloring this one too, the one that started it all, and still my favorite.

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WIP [partim] – Myces page 4

To forestall burning questions on what does it say? — The answer is clearly something like “გcsʟԽήɔ_”.

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WIP [partim] – Myces page 4

Worked on the sane panel for a bit.  I’m not happy with it chiefly because I still can’t get the hang of drawing people walking.  There’s actually a bit of background that was too light to make it into the scan—not much, admittedly, but it’s not going to be a featureless white void.

Myces page 4 as of 2009-08-25 How do you draw walking and make it look convincing?

Also: I know the Mycenaean is pretty bad, even (especially) taken as Greek.

WIP – Myces page 4 (where we meet Xylophanes)

Someday I won’t be so slow at drawing and I’ll be able to post new pages of things before people have forgotten the old ones.

Haha, who am I kidding?  Nobody forgets these.

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WIP [coloring] – Myces page 2 (The one with the fencepost).

I actually am working on coloring these.  (For those who missed out, the full-size b&w version is in my Fur Affinity scraps.)  I know it’s strange, outlandish stuff, but that’s what imagination’s for.

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