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[WIP] Myces, page 5

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[WIP] Myces page 5

Apparently I haven’t posted any progress on this page yet?
Well, there hasn’t been much done in a while, though I did get some done this week.
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WIP – Myces page 4

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Myces 2 – Fenceposts.

Woot! Finished coloring this page… so now I’m done with the color backlog on Myces stuff, more or less, and can focus on coloring the last page and drawing the next.
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Myces page 3 – Telebuttation

Well, I was wrong about the Magni profile coming next — that honor went to the next page of the satyr comic.

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Myces page 4 – final B&W

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Myces page 1 – Bunny stuffing.

Finally finished this page! Woot for getting things done.

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Myces icon!!

Finished the ottiger pic [nsfw] and it’s up on FA now.

Next on my list was to whip this out:

Makin’ morphs is waaay too fun!

Here’s what the original pics looked like:

Gotta say I’m pretty chuffed. (Outside of how huge my chin looks at the original angle!) I could make it better, maybe, but I think it’s good as is, at least for this size… what do you guys think?

Made this in Morpheus with a bit of Photoshoppin’.

WIP – Myces page 4

Prior version of this panel | More Myces


So, time to start getting this page into a presentable shape… at least, as presentable as satyr stories get.

WIP [coloring] – Myces 2

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