Arky’s offer 2


I was in the middle of my mid-afternoon pawing-off when I was interrupted by a knock at the door. I tried to ignore it, and went back to the task at hand for a while, but the knocking went on for a good ten minutes.

I got up and answered the door, still stroking my dripping, greasy cock in a way I hoped would frighten off whoever might be soliciting. But it was only Arky, who rushed me with a hug, nearly knocking me over.

“Dude!” he said, holding me tightly. “We’ve been so worried about you—you haven’t been answering your phone or anything—and we were supposed to hear from you yesterday!”

“I got distracted,” I said, trying to find a tactful way to get him off me.

“I can see that,” he said, and rubbed his belly against my softening-but-still-wet member. “But you could still let your prospective mates know if you plan on beating your meat for thirty-six hours, no? It’s as bad as the time you turned yourself into stone for a week and didn’t tell anybody!”

“Hey now, are you guys ever gonna let that go? I told you, I didn’t think anyone would notice…”

“It was Christmas!” he said, burying his muzzle into my chestfur.

“Anyway, I haven’t been pawing off for thirty-six hours,” I said, trying to change the subject, and started dragging the clingy rat towards the couch. “I— where’s Flair?” I asked, noticing a distinct absence of raccoon muzzle around my cock as we sat down.

“He’s at work,” he said. “Some of us hafta make a living, you know.”

I ignored the jab. “I got another message from that human.”

Understanding mixed with disappointment covered Arky’s face. “I guess that means you won’t be settling for us, then…”

I hugged him to me, and he started crying. I didn’t know what to do, so I stayed quiet, holding him.

“I love you, Scott,” he said into my shoulder. “You couldn’t know how special you are to me…”

“I… I—”

“I wanted to belong to you,” he said. “Do you have any idea what kind of power a big cat like you has over a mouse like me?”


“From the moment I met you… and you and me got along like a dream…”


“…doing my best to get Flair interested in you so we could play together…”



“I… I didn’t know you felt so strongly,” I said.

“But I get it, you’re only interested in humans,” he said. “Well, here: make me human.”


“I know you know how. Flair doesn’t know I skipped work to come see you; he doesn’t have to know about this, either. I’ll give up being normal for you… just please take me…”


“Do it!”

I could. It would be easy. I wanted to—he was breaking my heart. But… “You’re not leaving Flair for me,” I said. “You’re special to me too—more than anybody—but I’m not going to be ‘that guy’.”

We sat quiet for a while. Arky calmed down some, recovered his composure, dried his eyes, blew his nose.

“I could tell Flair,” he said, “About the humans, I mean. You know he’d get into it. And then, we could—”

“Well, sure he’d like it. He’s taken everything else I’ve thrown at him. But would he be able to keep quiet about it?”

“He wouldn’t have to! We don’t have to tell him you’ve been importing humans from… wherever it is you get them from… just that you’ve got a thing for them. It’d fit neat with that fib of yours about the gorillas, and he’ll be able to lord it over them shaven human-wannabes who hang out at the mall.”

I tried to suppress a bad memory.

“But… what about Toby?” I said.


“The… imported human.”

Arky made an exasperated grunt and stormed into the kitchen. I didn’t follow him; I knew him well enough by then to know when he needs time to himself. So I went and put my sweats on while he made angry sandwiches. I lay on the couch, staring at the ceiling and thinking. I was torn between wanting not to hurt my best friend on the one paw, and the feeling that I might be—I didn’t want to think it—settling for less on the other paw. I half felt like turning to stone for a year to avoid the problem. No, that wouldn’t help. Maybe a big tattoo of shame dyed across my forehead. “BAD TIGER.” I was trying to figure out what typeface best conveyed horrible shame when Arky came back out.

“I’ve made a decision,” he said. “I’m gonna let you try your paw with this human guy… but when that doesn’t work out—sorry, I mean if it doesn’t work out—you’ll be with us, okay?”

I got up and hugged him. “All right, ratty,” I said, “I promise.”

I realized a moment later that it wasn’t the most rational choice, but I figured it was better than my tattoo of shame idea. And suddenly Arky was leading me back to my bedroom. “Ratty got somethin’ on his mind?” I said.

“Well, I interrupted your pawing off….” he said, “So I figured I should help you finish. We’re allowed to play separately, you know, even if we’re always together and never get to.”

“Ah yeah?” I said.

“Yeah,” he said, hopping on the bed. “So now the big bad kitty gets to play with the mousie he caught.”

I reached out and pulled off his pants as he tore off his shirt, then slipped out of my sweats before getting comfortable on the bed myself. I let him go on talking… it’s his way of taking charge, directing the play, even if he does get a bit silly sometimes.

He straddled my legs and nosed towards my crotch. “First the big cat makes the li’l mouse suck him hard again…”

I put a paw on the back of his head and pushed him down on my cock. I took a hint from his narration and started a shrinking spell on him, reducing him by about a foot and a half.

He grinned up at me and kissed the underside of my cockhead, suckling pre from it as my shaft stiffened. “And now the cat’s ready, he pins the mouse to stuff him with his load…”

I reached under his arms and pulled him up closer to me, licking his nose. My cock was against his tailhole, and I pressed upwards into the velvet tightness of his tunnel. I grabbed his hips and pushed him down, pinning him on my full length.

“Mm… big kitty,” he said. I drummed my claws on his back and he inhaled sharply as I shrunk him another half a foot, mewling at the renewed tightness of his hole.

I grabbed his cock—smaller than my thumb now, even rock hard—and started pumping it in my fist, willing it larger and larger. His balls followed suit, and after a few moments he had enormous balls hanging low rolling off the side of my belly as far as his knees, a massive cock resting along the whole length of my chest, and a steady dripping of pre soaking my chestfur.

I took his cock in both paws and started suckling on it like a bottle.

“That’s not very catli—” he began, breaking off into a distracted “mrr-hrr” as I gave his cock a bear-hug squeeze. I do tend to get carried away a bit with my dick in a tight hole, I tell you. Times like that, I start… improvising.

Arky’s shaft was now almost as big around as his torso used to be. I held and stroked it like I would have held him, kissing its head with the intensity I wanted to share with the rat himself. I slid my tongue into the slit, stroking it with my roughness, and was rewarded with a shot of pre and a moan from the rat, and I wanted to feel what he felt.

I flexed my dick inside him and purred softly as I started a merge with him, the rat’s big shaft on my chest now sending its pleasure to my brain as well. Arky’s thoughts and feelings flooded into me too, and even at this point I felt his love was stronger than his lust.

It shook me a bit.

“I love you, Arky,” I said, because I had to.

Then I grabbed his shoulder with one paw and his head with the other, pushing him down, deforming his body like clay, smushing his features together. His head folded into his body, and his body folded up into a ball, and the ball folded into my scrotum, making my sac much bigger, with a gray stripe of ratfur down the middle covering the extra ball.

And it felt so good as I grabbed the dick I had all to myself now, the big dick that was most of what remained of my best friend.

I came almost immediately, of course. Now, there’s no scientific reason why a big dick should cum a lot, but magic knows what big dicks are for, and I had a big load coming to me as a cock half as big as myself went off in my face. I tried to swallow as much as I could to keep the mess down, but after the thirty-fourth thick shot of sweet cum I gave up and just let it cover me—and the bed, the wall behind me, and a good quantity of the floor, before it finally calmed down.

I lay in the pooled musk for a while, getting stickier as I recovered my breath. I was worn out enough that I probably could have stayed in bed all day, but was forced to get up by the call of nature; apparently big cocks have to piss as hard as they have to cum.

I peeled myself from the sheets and hurried to the bathroom. Cum everywhere is one thing, but the smell of piss lingering in my mattress wasn’t something I was willing to risk—not after the last time, anyway. I stood in front of the urinal (what? yeah, they’re more common in my world than yours… more people with attached sheaths) and let loose with my rod at half stiffness, and one paw on the handle—it felt like it was going to be a six-flusher, at least.

It was a few seconds before I noticed I was firing in the wrong direction and not hitting the urinal, but the floor. I’m fat, so I’m not much used to looking down in the bathroom because there’s not much of a view. I looked down now and suddenly realized the dick was on upside down. Right—he was facing the other way. I grabbed the base—it took both hands—and gave the whole thing a twist with a bit of magic behind it, and was soon pissing in the usual direction, albeit with wet feet.

I was right about the volume of the flow; I was about three flushes in when I felt a strong pressure at the base of my dick; Arky was trying to force his way out.

I gasped and almost yelled as the mass of rat—much smaller than his usual size, but still about as big as a soccer ball—pushed into my shaft, blocking the flow of piss. I staggered back against the wall and slid to the ground as my dick essentially began giving birth to a person.

I shouldn’t have to tell you it was intense.

It wasn’t really pain, of course—I’m much too good at my magic for that—but it was incredible pressure as Arky started sliding down my length, his mass stretching it to double its width. After about five seconds of this I was cumming again.

The orgasm shook me and my new balls tried to force the cum out, but of course Arky was still plugging the hole. But every pulse of my cock seemed to push him further along—each shot of cum apparently forcing its way into him, to judge by the way the bulge swelled—until finally Arky blasted out of my cock at full speed, landing in the urinal and breaking it with a loud crack.

He was still about a quarter of his normal size, a little round rat balloon bloated with my cum, drenched in cum and piss…and grinning from ear to ear.

“I love you, Scott,” he said.

The doorbell rang.

The one that rang from the humans’ world.

“Oh, crap,” I said. It was him.

I abandoned Arky and ran for the door.

I answered the door, sort of stroking my dripping, messy cock, trying to recover from the load I’d just released. I’m sure my pisshole was still easily fistable…but that was probably the least of the things that caused the human—Toby—to stop short when he saw me.

It took him about fifteen seconds to process what he was seeing—a fat tiger, drenched and rank with cum and piss, with a dick both substantially larger and more accommodating than last he’d seen it.

And a grin spread across his face.

“You perv,” he said.

He came in, ripped off his shirt, wrapped his thick human arms around me and kissed me like he meant it.

I didn’t let go of him for a good long time… I knew, just then, that he was exactly what I was looking for.

Arky was kind enough to leave out the back before Toby and I made it up to the bedroom, so I wouldn’t have to make any awkward introductions. But it was months before he would see me or talk to me again.

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