Toby meets Scott

I met up with a guy I knew online for some play last weekend, since we seemed to have a lot in common. I hadn’t expected species would be one of our differences, but when he met me at his door I found Scott wasn’t human, but a real live anthro tiger. (I’ll spare you my initial shock and the next couple hours I spent asking questions and coming to grips with the situation till another time. I expect you just want to hear about the fun we had.)

We started out with him putting a collar on me and we settled down to watch a movie, him in an easy chair with a huge bowl of popcorn, and me curled up naked at his footpaws with some to myself in a little dog bowl.

He kneaded my back and side softly with blunted toeclaws while he munched away noisily, and when he was done he patted his knee to get my attention. I got up on hands and knees to look at him and was rewarded with the sight of a grand, gleaming phallus, freed from my master’s sweats and being pawed at idly.

He grinned and offered it to me, and I readily took into my mouth a cock like none I had ever had—thickening near the end to support an enormous flaring mushroom head, which I sucked on as best I could. It tasted of the salty butter left behind by his paws, a flavor soon joined by sweet precum in steady bursts.

He stroked my hair softly, and I was almost sure I could hear a soft purr of happiness from him over the movie going on behind me—I took that as encouragement and redoubled my efforts, and it wasn’t long before those big paws were pushing at the back of my head, encouraging me to go deeper.

Now I’d’ve thought there was no way that head could fit my throat, so you could imagine my surprise to find my nose suddenly pressed against the soft mound at the base of eight and a half inches of tiger meat pumping cum straight into me. I managed to swallow it all down, gacking slightly as he disengaged his cock and patted me on the head, saying “Good boy, Toby…”

He shifted his seat to the floor next to me and we went back to watching the movie. I didn’t catch the end though, as I was asleep, curled up next to a tiger softly stroking me…

Scott woke me up after the movie and led me back to his bedroom. He grabbed me under my arms with those big-strong paws of his, and tossed me on the bed.

“Do you believe in magic?” he said, shucking off his sweats.

“Sweet Zeus, tell me you’re not going to put on big red shoes, Sir,” I said.

He laughed.

“Well, Sir,” I said, “Yesterday I didn’t believe in walking, talking tigers, either. I could probably believe in anything about now.”

He crawled up over me, his furry body rubbing against my skin, his cock rubbing against mine.

“I have a harder question for you now,” he said, looking me square in the face. How blue his eyes are—I thought you only got blue eyes with white tigers.

I realized he was waiting for me to respond. “Go ahead, Sir,” I said.

“Toby,” he said, “Do you trust me?”

He seemed to think it was an important question, so I thought it over. We had been talking a long time over the Internet—we had gone over our likes and dislikes often enough, reality and fantasy. Still, this was our first meeting in person and I knew relatively little about his personal life.

“Well, Sir,” I said, “I don’t think you want to hurt me, like, in bed, but I’d still rather you use a condom.”

He laughed again, softer this time. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I can do that. I just meant… well… let me show you something.”

He reached down and grabbed my balls. It was an exciting feeling—soft pawpads surrounded by fur, and blunted claws tenderly tracing the outline of my sack. I lay back and closed my eyes. He gave them a firm but pleasurable squeeze, and his arm lifted from my leg where it was resting and tugged on them lightly.

“Mm,” I said. “Do that again.”

He put a finger up to my lips to hush me. I remembered I was his pet for the weekend, and was not to speak unless spoken to.

His balls rubbed up against mine, and he squeezed them all together in his paw. I know I gasped a little there—it was a much harder squeeze than last time. Scott knows I like that kind of thing…

The big tiger shuffled forwards, still straddling me, till I could sense him kneeling just over my face.

“Open your mouth, man,” he said. (He didn’t say ‘man’ like we do in slang. It was more like how aliens on TV call people ‘human.’) I did, of course. I took one into my mouth—and opened my eyes wide, rather shocked to discover my tongue against my own testicle.

Scott was kneeling over me, pawing his cock, below which hung a large, bulging ballsack. His tail curled around my cock, rubbing skin with nothing to obstruct it. I spit out my ball.

“You—” I said, but remembered the collar on my neck before I went any further. We did have a safeword, but I figured if there was damage it was already done, and if not… well, I could have my own balls in my mouth, no? I took the one I had back into my mouth and another one with it—I could tell by the feel it wasn’t mine. Scott purred—this time I was sure of it.

“I can do a bit of magic,” he said. “This is a reconfiguration spell. I can move body parts around, or from one body to another—and I can put them back again, don’t worry.”

I accepted the explanation and continued sucking on our balls. His was bigger than mine, and I didn’t think I’d be able to fit any more in my mouth, so I left them resting against my nose.

“By the way,” he said, panting, “I can feel your bits too. Cover your eyes, man.”

I did, and the back of my hand was immediately splashed by a blast of cum, thick and wet. The next shot landed in my hair. My balls were churning and I knew some of this cum was mine. The cum hit my hand three more times, before he was done. He moved to get up, so I released his scrotum, which soon sat on my chest, dripping, along with its owner.

Scott bent over to lick his cock clean, and I took the opportunity to slurp our seed off my hand. It was thick, like gravy, and slightly less sweet than before—surely my fault. My master was soon up from his cock and licking the cum from my hair. His chestfur was in my face, and I nuzzled into soft whiteness.

“Your turn,” he said, getting up and sitting by me. “Do you want your balls back?”

I looked at my cock. It was… weird. At its base there was smooth skin as if there had never been anything there, and shaven like my ballsack had been; I touched it and it was regular skin—no gaping holes or anything. The tiger’s, now, was bulging in the way only a sack with four nuts can.

“I… I think you can keep them, sir, for the weekend,” I said. “But… I’d like to see how they’re put back, so I don’t have to worry?”

He laughed again. “Well, I can put it back by hand, or I can just reset the spell and things go back to the way they were.”

“Can anything go wrong, sir?” I said.

“It’s magic. It works the way I expect it to,” he said.

“What if something happens to you?” I said. “…er, sir.”

“Like if I drop dead of sexual exhaustion?” he said, laughing. “It’d go back to normal. Magic doesn’t survive the caster. I get knocked unconscious, same deal. That’s why you don’t—well, why we don’t use magic in stuff that’s meant to last, like architecture. But enough history.” He made a slashing motion in the air with a paw, and my balls were back in place—I didn’t see how.

I gave them a good firm tug to make sure they were really attached. Scott seemed to misunderstand. “It’s like this,” he said, grabbing my balls and making a strange motion with his paw, pulling them off again.

He put them in my hand. “Put them where you like,” he said, and winked. “It’s ‘pin the balls on the tiger’ !”

You can imagine I was a little disturbed by this, but my cock couldn’t have been harder. I put my balls under his and said “Here.” Another paw-wave and it joined to him, but not altogether as before—two separate sacks were below that thick cock of his.

Immediately he pounced my cock and began sucking on it. It was… powerful. My whole cock fit in his muzzle without sinking into his throat. He wrapped his feline tongue around my cock and I shuddered as it scraped rough against my skin.

He laughed. “Don’t worry. I ain’t gonna hurt ya like that—just wanted to show you why I’m not doing this the conventional way.”

He took my cock back into his muzzle, so warm… he slid his tongue into my foreskin and pressed it against my cockhead. He started sucking on me, purring softly, and I lay back and closed my eyes again.

Very soon I felt his tongue pressing firmer against my cock, and suddenly it gave way.

I can’t really describe what happened next. But there was a powerful feeling of being a tiger, big and strong and horny, sucking cock and being in command… and then it was gone.

It was on the tip of my tongue to ask what he did, but then I remembered myself and said nothing. But I did sit up and look at what he was doing.

He grinned up at me and stuck out his tongue. From the most unusual sensation I felt with that motion I guessed he had my cock in there, even before I noticed the paler color of his tongue. I grinned back. He was weird, but I was liking it.

Then he hefted my legs over his shoulders and buried his furry muzzle in my ass.

Now, if you’ve never been rimmed while fucking yourself—I’m betting you haven’t, at least not comfortably—it might be hard to understand. But I was shaking so good when that tongue-cock entered me that he had to grab me and hold me down. It was slick and firm and smooth, and went in like nothing I’d ever had before. He slid it in and out, deep, and I seriously lost control as he started to nibble around the edge of my hole with those fierce teeth of his. I came, and hard. Without a working cock to release through, the force of the orgasm ran through my whole body, and it must’ve shorted something out, because next thing I knew Scott was next to me, patting my face. He had my collar in his other paw and all my parts were in their proper places.

“Are you okay?” he said. “You were shouting, and then you passed out.”

“Is that supposed to happen?” I said.

“Well, no. But that’s sex. It doesn’t always work the way we’d expect,” he said. “But are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I just… never had anything like that before.”

“Well, we’ve still got a couple days left for more,” he said, grinning. “But that’s probably enough for tonight.” (It was dark out.) “Did you want your collar back, or would you rather sleep as equals?”

So cute he is. I kissed his nose. “You’re a sweet cat,” I said, hugging him too. “But I’d like the collar back… sir.”

He kissed my nose back, putting the collar back on me. “You’re sweet too. Not too many people like to play like I do.”

I noticed my cock and balls disappear again as he fastened it. He made a strange face and another slashing motion, and my cock was back in place. “I forgot. I tied the magic to your collar so it can be turned off when you take it off—or if you say or concentrate on our safeword, if something happens that you can’t take it off.”

“What could happen?” I said.

“Well, it’s just an ordinary collar,” he said. “It might get stuck or something. Or you might be tied up or otherwise unable to move.”

“Like if you pulled my arms off with that spell?” I said. “…Sir.”

He didn’t laugh, this time. “That,” he said, “or other things. There is one other thing I wanted to try with you for tonight. Would you be okay with it if I turned you into an object?”

“An object, sir?” I said.

“Like a stuffed toy,” he said. “You keep your mind, though you can’t move, and you might perceive things differently. You can’t be hurt, but you can use your safeword to change back if you get freaked out.”

“Heck, why not,” I said. “Change me, sir.”

Scott reached out and started tracing a complicated pattern on my belly with a paw. It tickled slightly but I tried to keep still. It took nearly a minute. When he was done, he circled the whole thing and pressed down on it, hard. I oomphed as air rushed out of me, and by reflex I gasped, trying to catch my breath. But on inhalation I couldn’t stop; air kept flowing into me, swelling my belly out. I felt like I was drying out, and my brain went into panic mode—but suddenly I was no longer in my body.

I saw myself lying on the bed with Scott over me—like I was a camera on the ceiling. My body had turned to some kind of rough cloth, with yarn replacing my hair. All my features started simplifying—my face to a set of lines painted on; my torso reducing to a shape like an inverted ice-cream cone with my hugely rounded-out belly the scoop. My cock shrank away entirely.

Then I started shrinking—my whole body, but mostly my legs and arms.

Now, this probably took a couple minutes, and I hadn’t felt a thing since my point of view changed. So it was a powerful comfort, the warm feeling that rushed into me when he picked me up and squeezed me.

He was right, it did feel different. It wasn’t like I was being squeezed—it was like I was wrapped in a cloud of comfort and stability. I was sure he could feel it too—I could feel him purring softly. He crawled under the covers, turned out the lamp, and quickly fell asleep. It didn’t feel like sleep, exactly, but I was out shortly after.

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