Arky’s offer

I woke to the sound of my alarm clock going off at the obscene hour of four sixteen. The darn thing won’t be fixed, not by magic nor by mechanics. I expect it’s some evil subtlety of feng shui, as even replacing it doesn’t work. But a tiger’s gotta wake up in the morning, and a couple hours early are better than a couple late. But… not on weekends.

I slammed the off button and rolled over, only to find a lump in my bed. Of all the—and then I remembered last night, and pulled out a doll, the plushified form of the human I had over last night. I tried to remember his name but it was just too dang early. I did remember he was cuter as a human though, so I cancelled the plush spell, and found myself with a naked human next to me, still sleeping. I cuddled him close and went back to sleep.

I woke up, well after sunrise, to the boy moving around, getting dressed. He’d left the collar I’d put on him on the nightstand, and was struggling with his jeans.

I still couldn’t remember his name—he’d only told me the day before—but my waking brain managed to come up with his Internet name.

“Hlahtar,” I said, “I forgot your name, sorry… you know, you don’t hafta leave.”

He pulled on his shirt. “It’s Toby,” he said. “And… I really think I should.”

He seemed a little upset, or unnerved, so I didn’t push him about it. I offered him breakfast, but he just rushed out the door like it was on fire.

I sighed and reset the door to its normal position. That was my problem, I thought… I always went too fast with them—gave them more than they could handle, and spooked them. And this one was cute, too.

I lay in bed till noon, upset with myself.

I got up to answer a knock at the door. I suddenly remembered I was still naked, but luckily it was only Arky and Flair.

“Oo, party start already?” Arky said.

“I’m not in the mood, rat,” I said. “Just come in and put that stuff in the kitchen.”

I slumped on the couch, and was immediately pounced by a little ball of pudgy raccoon.

“Seriously, Flair,” I said.

“What’s wrong?” he said.

“I had a guy over last night…” I said.

“Not one of those gorillas you’re so fond of?”

I nodded. (I never could tell him about the humans. Arky knew though; I trust him.)

“I bet you have a crush on him,” Flair said. “I know what’ll get your mind off that,” he said, and he got down and started sucking my cock. It’s hard to tell what Arky sees in that boy, but I guess what he lacks in personality he makes up for in cocksucking.

He was right, though, about the distraction helping. I forgot all about Toby as he ran his tongue below the rim of my cockhead.

Arky came out of the kitchen with a tall drink. “All right,” he said, with mock hurt, “Now you are starting the party without me.”

He hopped up on the couch beside me, and fuzzled his coon’s headfur. Flair was busily slurping up my pre, so I asked the rat if I could do anything for him.

“Nah,” he said. “I like to watch him.”

Flair took my whole cock into his muzzle, and gave my balls a little tugging… and I remembered sharing with Toby and I got depressed again.

Arky noticed, and cuddled up next to me. Flair didn’t notice, and a moment later I was shooting my load in his muzzle, without much enthusiasm.

“That gorilla’s really got you smit’, ain’t he?” Flair said.

“What? No!” I said. “I didn’t really expect more than a one-nighter…”

“But…?” Arky said.

“Just want more, I guess. I’m lonely.”

“Lonely!” Flair said. “What am I, chopped liver?”

“Hush,” Arky said. “Or I’ll make sure that’s what you will be.”

I hugged them both. “Nah, he’s right. I have got my friends here. Just be sure to hug me extra tight today. Now what’s the movie you guys brought for today?”

“That,” I said, “Was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. You boys never get to pick again.”

“It’s not like we come here for the movies anyway,” Flair said, shucking off his clothes.

“It’d be nice if I could hang out with people without the promise of magically kinky sex afterwards,” I said, sighing. But Arky was hugging me.

“First of all, your beauty has captivated me!” he said. “I guess your… abilities would be a distant third.”

“Third to what?” Flair said. Arky shook his head at him.

“Besides,” I said, “I’m not beautiful.”

“You have grace—inner beauty—and that’s cooler than if you were just… glorious.”

“‘Cooler than glorious’ doesn’t really get the personals answered,” I said. Flair was pulling me away downstairs.

“You don’t need personals,” he said. “You’ve got us. Besides, I’ll be your gorilla if you want, big guy.”

I laughed at that. “I couldn’t take you away from your ratty,” I said, following him down the stairs.

“You know you could have us both,” Arky said from behind me. “You know how we feel about you.”

I stopped short. “Seriously?” I said.

They both said “yeah” together.

I sat on the stairs. “Gosh,” I said. “I didn’t know you felt that way about me. I— I just thought we were… friends… I— I’d hafta think about it.”

They pulled me down the stairs into my basement, where I kept my more interesting artifacts. My helper golem Munky was standing by the door, inert.

I moved to activate him, but Arky stopped me. “Let’s just play with you today, aight?”

I was led over to my warm-table. “You need some relaxing,” Flair said. “Let’s get you loosened up.”

He turned it on and I got on top of it. If you haven’t seen my warm-table, I should probably explain it. It’s kind of like a deep-dish pool table—well, it actually was a pool table to begin with. On the pockets are watertight covers that can be retracted by the controls on the outside, and that’s basically it, outside of the magic I programmed it with, which began to take effect as soon as I got in. The table surface got quite warm and relaxing. Arky and Flair got on either side of the table, stroking my fur, massaging my chest and stomach and cock, and soon I started melting away…

My tail was the first to go, as usual, melting into a long puddle of unaccountably pink tigerstuff between my legs, warm and sticky against my tailhole.

The rest of my body, being somewhat thicker than my tail, took a little longer. While I was lying there, melting in a pool of my own sauce, Arky bent over to kiss me.

We’d never kissed before. I’d thought it would be overstepping my boundaries. But, mrr… His muzzle, his tongue against mine, and I felt, I felt his… passion is the only word I have for it.

But in a moment my muzzle had melted away, and there was nothing left of me but a pool of pink tiger-stuff a few inches deep.

(What’s that like, you say? Well, you can’t see anything other than if it’s bright or dark; you can still feel, and hear, sort of—Well, it’s hard to explain. I tell you what: Next time you come by, I’ll let you try it out.)

Flair turned off the table, and I felt both of them climb in. They lay in me, holding each other and whispering. There was enough of me that I mostly covered them, and I could feel them moving against each other, Arky’s cock stiffening as it rubbed through Flair’s fur, Flair changing position so his mate could get at him…

Flair took the ring he generally wore around his ear and put it around Arky’s cock and balls, while Arky slid three fingers into the waiting tailhole, loosening him up enough that quite a bit of me flowed into his tunnel, and quite soon, I was lubricating Arky’s entrance as he thrust deep into his raccoon.

He started slowly, his arms around Flair as he thrust into him, but soon ramped up his efforts, the two of them thrashing in a pool of molten tiger, myself keenly aware of every movement, particularly the cocks sliding through me,… Flair now pawing his own cock furiously… balls swelling and quivering for release, Arky’s final thrust as he buried his load in his mate, and Flair’s cum shooting into me a few moments later.

They lay in me holding each other a while longer, and kissing. I sighed inwardly, feeling somewhat left out, and thinking about their offer. I knew they were serious—and Arky was my best friend—but I didn’t know if either of them knew how to be the kind of mate I wanted.

I pulled myself back together and we watched the other movie. At least, the movie played while they made jokes about it, and I brooded. When it was over, I sent them home and told them I’d sleep on it.

I lay in bed, tossing and turning till sundown. I was really too distracted to sleep. I went to my computer to find a message I wouldn’t have dreamed of expecting:

Hlahtar: sorry about this morning, i freaked out.
waking up without balls’ll do that to a guy.

Sodium Tiger: I am currently away from the computer.

Hlahtar: i hope we can play again sometime

* Hlahtar has signed off.

I sat and stared at that message for sixteen hours, till he came on again. I pounced him, set up a time, and then slept till Monday noon.

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