This is the PG-13 story listing — a list including adult items is also available.

Stories from Nother

Twilight in the Library
“The only library in Lunar City belongs to the university.
It doesn’t get many visitors…”

…and thou.
“On a cool April day—the sun shining with a softness of color
that pastelized the world—Kohath was shopping…”

Stories from Turia

Mister Shine came to town
“Maybe it was a mistake to come out here.
The city is no place for people like me…”

Jan’s birthday
“It’s been nearly three months I’ve been with Jan.
Today was his birthday…”

Miscellaneous stories

The Namers
“The man was sitting in a magnolia tree naming the animals as the day was cooling to evening.
He made names for the creatures that could not speak as they passed by…”

“I looked at the costume in its box and tried to hold out against the temptation to wear it again.
I didn’t want to wear it—it wanted me to wear it…”

“It was a cool autumn night and the full moon was shining brightly on an icebear,
who was climbing up the wall of a little house.”

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