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[WIP] Iñigo.

Another one of our tiger pirates.

What I’d written so far hadn’t really given Iñigo much of a personality. I think he definitely has one now…

Before becoming a pirate I guess his name would have been Aureo.

So many skinny characters! Argh! And his head looks too big. Hmm.

[WIP] Fiordaliso.

So, this is Fiordaliso, another of the Maltese Corsairs. I didn’t have his description on me when I started working on him at Sketch Nite in Boulder last week, so I’ll be making a few modifications when I get to working on him next.

According to the code, the description of Fiordaliso is “The night lookout is a small, scrawny fellow with scraggly whiskers. His fur is a dark blue-grey and he usually dresses all in black. There are three piercings in his right ear. You may not believe the stories about the first mate being part wolf, but every time you look at Fiord you can’t help but think the tiger may be mostly rat.”

Before becoming a pirate, his name would have been Giglio.

[WIP] Frostbite.

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Started some work on shading this guy… still got a ways to go, though, and definitely need to even out those legs…

[WIP] Frostbite.

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Did some work on coloring this guy today… Basic colors down, fancy stuff next.

Frostbite – B&W

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Probably the finished pencil work, starting on color and such next.

WIP – Frostbite

Another character from the Maltese Corsairs story, a sketch I started yesterday:


This picture.. or maybe just his garb, makes Frostbite look shorter and squatter than I imagine him, so I guess that’ll be something to work on in revision.  He is in fact a tiger, though the shape of his face has caused rumors to spread that he’s part wolf.  Another rumor is that his name was just ‘Frost’ until one day when he gnawed another man’s leg off in a fight.   Somehow his generally gentlemanly demeanor tends to make people believe that story more than otherwise: that’s just the kind of thing a guy like him would do if he snapped, is bite another guy’s leg off.  This, combined with his rank as first mate, pretty much ensures that no one will cross him, or indeed even approach him at all unless absolutely necessary.

I suppose that before piratical life his name was Giacomo.



From a game idea I haven’t gotten around to doing much on yet, this is Roquefort aka Rock aka Maggio, a surly piratical cook.

WIP [coloring] – Roquefort

I’ve been working on coloring this pic of Rock, our blue tiger pirate cook, for a while now… He’s nearly done; I’ll probably be able to finish him the next time I get around to working on him.


The color doesn’t look all that good IMO, but then IME it rarely does look any good in flat form… I have a lousy sense of color, but usually Photoshop’s “make art” button makes everything look better.