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I squirmed epileptically as my human stretched my gaping piss-slit even further open and let it engulf his head.

I grabbed his shoulders before he could go any further. “Rrrh… I’m… not quite ready for that, man.”

He pulled out with excruciating slowness and grinned at me, his head dripping with all the fluids one expects to find flowing from a penis. “No?”

He was so adorable, so eager… I only hoped he wouldn’t burn out like the others. Of course, none of the others had been very open-minded to begin with—Toby was something special.

“Hello?” he said, waving his hand in front of my face.

I snapped out of it. “Sorry, uh, was just…” He was still holding the last foot of my dick and looking up at me with hopeful expectation.

“I did kind of just finish, you know. Give me a bit before giving me another round.” I decided to press my luck. “Would you, ah, like to go out with me, Toby?”

He grinned. “Absolutely, tiger.” He looked a bit puzzled after a moment. “I thought you said humans couldn’t be seen in public in your world?”

I nodded. “You’ll need a disguise. Well, better than a disguise actually… you’d be surprised how many people are good at seeing through such things. I’m thinking you’ll have to go as part of me.”

“Part of you, eh? I remember you made part of me part of you before, but how would taking the whole of me work? Or are you just going to stick my head on your shoulders or something?”

I laughed. “That probably would be a bit too unusual to pass unnoticed. I rather had in mind that we could go out as a taur.” From his look I could tell he didn’t know the word in his world. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

I led him down to the basement.