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[WIP] December 10, 2494.

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Did some more work on this. Realized Isaac’s position was entirely untenable, so adjusted it a bit. (He was half leaning on his side, but now he’ll be prone.) Also redrew his face some—I never could get the hang of drawing long muzzles.

[WIP] John and Murphy.

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Started work on finishing this one… just a bit of linework so far.

[WIP] Fiordaliso.

So, this is Fiordaliso, another of the Maltese Corsairs. I didn’t have his description on me when I started working on him at Sketch Nite in Boulder last week, so I’ll be making a few modifications when I get to working on him next.

According to the code, the description of Fiordaliso is “The night lookout is a small, scrawny fellow with scraggly whiskers. His fur is a dark blue-grey and he usually dresses all in black. There are three piercings in his right ear. You may not believe the stories about the first mate being part wolf, but every time you look at Fiord you can’t help but think the tiger may be mostly rat.”

Before becoming a pirate, his name would have been Giglio.

[WIP] Rook.

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And this would be the much-rumoured birdsona. This guy’s name is Careless Rook, and he’s a pied crow. I started drawing him at Sketch Nite in Boulder last week, but wasn’t able to finish it because I couldn’t conjure off the top of my head how bird wings and feet were supposed to look.

[WIP] Modi.

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Started on some of the linework on this fellah….

[WIP] Frostbite.

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Started some work on shading this guy… still got a ways to go, though, and definitely need to even out those legs…

[WIP] Frostbite.

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Did some work on coloring this guy today… Basic colors down, fancy stuff next.

[WIP] Fisting II

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I’m really liking the way this picture’s coming out. A couple of folk at last week’s furmeet thought I was coming along pretty well with it as well… still a ways to go, though.

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Finished up drawing Modi’s profile pic at Sketch Nite on the 16th. Will work on coloring it next…

[WIP] Myces page 5

Apparently I haven’t posted any progress on this page yet?
Well, there hasn’t been much done in a while, though I did get some done this week.
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