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[WIP] December 10, 2494.

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Did some more work on this. Realized Isaac’s position was entirely untenable, so adjusted it a bit. (He was half leaning on his side, but now he’ll be prone.) Also redrew his face some—I never could get the hang of drawing long muzzles.

[WIP] Modi.

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Started on some of the linework on this fellah….


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Finished up drawing Modi’s profile pic at Sketch Nite on the 16th. Will work on coloring it next…

WIP – Modi.


Did a bit of work on this the other day. I had to move his hand because I couldn’t make it look right where it was; turns out it’s actually too big to fit into those pockets, which I suppose are the sort of decorative flaps you see sometimes.

And yes, his wings are too small. I thought I had measured them and they were supposed to be right, but I was oh so terribly wrong! Will have to work on that at next touch.

December 10, 2494.

An idea I had kicking around in my head for a while that I finally started work on at Sketch Night on Saturday. The plan is Isaac, Maxim, Huck, Modi, and Magni all around a campfire outside Dunamy Town on Huck and Maxim’s 18th birthday (old calendar).

Not too happy with the execution yet, though. I’m not sure the sketch conveys the general outline I was looking for, and I don’t like what’s up with Isaac’s head here.

WIP – Modi.

One I’ve been workin’ on for the past bit. This is Modi, Magni‘s brother.

Besides these generic profile pics I’ve also sort of started a real pic of some of the guys from Nother all together, and will probably start posting progress on that soon.