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[WIP] December 10, 2494.

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Did some more work on this. Realized Isaac’s position was entirely untenable, so adjusted it a bit. (He was half leaning on his side, but now he’ll be prone.) Also redrew his face some—I never could get the hang of drawing long muzzles.

December 10, 2494.

An idea I had kicking around in my head for a while that I finally started work on at Sketch Night on Saturday. The plan is Isaac, Maxim, Huck, Modi, and Magni all around a campfire outside Dunamy Town on Huck and Maxim’s 18th birthday (old calendar).

Not too happy with the execution yet, though. I’m not sure the sketch conveys the general outline I was looking for, and I don’t like what’s up with Isaac’s head here.



Yeah, so I figured I’d try going through and drawing as many of my characters as I could.  (It’s a whim that seems to strike me from time to time; maybe I’ll make some progress on it this time.)

This is Maxim, one of my oldest characters.  A bit of a mary-sue, but hopefully we can work on that a bit.  Never mind that his equipment is straight out of Zelda.

I’m going to have to work on coloring this.  It’s been so long it took me nearly four or five attempts to get it to look anything like him… The hands are really poorly-done, but I’m really happy with how the feet came out.