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Finally finished this guy up. Here’s the “official” shot (desperately grainy; I hate my camera):

And some more:

Sugar Loop

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So here’s the final of this guy:

press to swell

The background I’m less than happy with—I need to get used to doing them, really. Also, you people didn’t tell me last time that he was missing a sleeve… Get on the ball, guys!

Sugar Loop – B&W

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No update last week since I was at Anthrocon. But, while I was out there, I spent a lot of time working on this guy:

I might start colorin’ him from here.

That rod-like thing floatin’ in the upper corner came from someone scribbling (in pen!) in my precious sketchbook. Why people do things like that, I’m not sure. We shall do DNA tests, and then club the perpetrators and eat their bones.

WIP – Loop.

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He is wide.  I’m entirely unfond of his ears.   And he seems to taper off a bit unfortunately below the belly.  We will find ways to make him better.  We have the technology to make him better than he was before.  Better, stronger, faster.

WIP – Gator.


So I started adding a hand to him.   At the moment it’s kind of rough because I didn’t want it just to be hanging there; I figured it should be doing something.  (I know, I said that last time.) But I haven’t decided what yet.


WIP – Sugar Loop

So yeah, just a regular portrait isn’t all that interesting. But maybe if our friend here is offering you a headset to play one of them new ractives with him?  Mm?


Tubby Bowser.

Another old request: Bowser at 700 lbs.

K.: Try and make 700lbs look attractive XP
There’s a challenge for yous.
You’ll never do it, mwahaha
Muke: LIES
K.: What, a 700lb-equiv Bowser? I don’t think it could be possibly attractive :P
Muke: How come?
K.: Because like, he’s bowser. And the add fat.
Muke: bowser = attractive. fat = attractive. win-win!
K.:Lol, extra challenge, try and do him in a laying down, pin-up pose :P
That would be, in no uncertain terms, epic.

Who wants to color it?

EDIT (10/29):  Khatoblepas has gone all the way and colored it up—be sure to check it out in full awesomeness!