Another old request: Bowser at 700 lbs.

K.: Try and make 700lbs look attractive XP
There’s a challenge for yous.
You’ll never do it, mwahaha
Muke: LIES
K.: What, a 700lb-equiv Bowser? I don’t think it could be possibly attractive :P
Muke: How come?
K.: Because like, he’s bowser. And the add fat.
Muke: bowser = attractive. fat = attractive. win-win!
K.:Lol, extra challenge, try and do him in a laying down, pin-up pose :P
That would be, in no uncertain terms, epic.

Who wants to color it?

EDIT (10/29):  Khatoblepas has gone all the way and colored it up—be sure to check it out in full awesomeness!