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WIP – Real (1)

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WIP – Ottiger

This is actually mostly done… at least I hope so. Just needs a bit of cleanup around the edges, which it’ll get next week, and then it’ll be posted to FA.

By the way, with the new year I’ve started a change to my regular workflow, so from here on out there will probably be fewer posts up—but the stuff that does get posted should be showing more progress than you’re used to seein’ around here.

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WIP [coloring] – Kit and Muke.

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I really, really, have to work harder on drawing backgrounds and objects in the future. D:

WIP – Real (2)

This one’s going to be the other “real meme” picture I said I was going to do.   There’s not really enough of it at the moment to make out yet, but the goal is to post everything so y’all can see it unfold as it happens.


WIP – Real (1)

So awhile back I succumbed to the dark side and did one of them ‘real meme’ dealies.  Apparently I did well enough on it for several people to ask me to do likewise for them; this is a start on one of them, and the other will be posted in a couple of days.

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WIP [coloring] – Kit and Muke

I throw in about four different layers to make the change from the last stage to this:


But I don’t think any amount of Photoshop tweaking can save the background, I’m afraid.  Enh… we’ll see, I guess.

WIP [coloring] – Kit and Muke

Here’s another one of the old requests I started at the beginning of the year and still haven’t finished yet… the B&W was posted to Fur Affinity in March, but I’m still working on the accoloration.   (This should give you an idea of how slowly I usually work.)

Kit and Muke as of 2009-08-24This week I was mostly working on cleaning up the colors, an effect which probably doesn’t show much because a) the difference is negligible at thumbnail size and b) y’all haven’t seen what it looked like before any of the work was done.

Nevertheless, you may consider progress as being made!

Fernin and Muke.

Fernin and Muke

This is the first of my latest batch of art requests, asked for by Fernin, who wanted a pic of his character snuggling with mine.

Finished this a couple days ago and it’s already on FA but neglected to post it here.  I may get around to coloring this eventually.


A requested portrait of everyone’s favorite calico felitaur.  He stretches a lot in idle moments of conversation, so that’s how I drew him.

I totally love the way his expression came out.  I still don’t think I got the hands quite right, though.

The color came out better than I thought, but those of you who want to see the drawing before coloration can check out its submission on Fur Affinity.

Tubby Bowser.

Another old request: Bowser at 700 lbs.

K.: Try and make 700lbs look attractive XP
There’s a challenge for yous.
You’ll never do it, mwahaha
Muke: LIES
K.: What, a 700lb-equiv Bowser? I don’t think it could be possibly attractive :P
Muke: How come?
K.: Because like, he’s bowser. And the add fat.
Muke: bowser = attractive. fat = attractive. win-win!
K.:Lol, extra challenge, try and do him in a laying down, pin-up pose :P
That would be, in no uncertain terms, epic.

Who wants to color it?

EDIT (10/29):  Khatoblepas has gone all the way and colored it up—be sure to check it out in full awesomeness!