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He tried to wave a waiter over, with no luck.

“Ah well,” he said, “Gives me some time to dry off. Have I ever shown you my sister’s music?”

“You have a sister?”

“Yeah, she’s beautiful, her name’s Island.” He reached in his pockets. “I have a clip of her singing, one moment…” He pulled out a phone, which was kind of damp-looking, but he still managed to get it turned on.

The hologram he pulled up was indeed of a beautiful red kangaroo, dressed in gray and black and white, standing in front of a microphone. A few puffs of smoke came up around her as she began to sing:

“When Jesus wept, the falling tear
in mercy flowed beyond all bound;
when Jesus groaned, a trembling fear
shook all the guilty world around—”

The smoke was joined by a spurt of blue sparks, and the phone went dead.

Blake shut his eyes.

“That was amazing,” said a human at a table next to us. “I didn’t catch it in time, though—who is she? I’d love to download her.”

“Her name’s Darker Island,” Blake said. “But you won’t find her, she’s L & L. You’d have to go to Blantyre.”

“A Luddite, eh? I don’t even know where Blantyre is.”

Blake didn’t answer. He picked up the phone and gave it a couple of smacks. It didn’t respond.

“L & L?” I said. “That’s awesome.” The Live and Local movement avoided globalization and the Net, creating their own microcultures instead. “She must be really close with you, to have let you make a recording.”

“Yeah,” he said. “She was.”


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I’ll admit I only have a vague direction on this so far.

I took a taxi to Rico’s where I figured Blake’d already be waiting for me. But when I gave my name to the maître d’—Green, reservations for two—I found he’d been held up as well; he came to my table about five minutes after I sat down, and he was soaked even wetter than I had been.

He didn’t apologize. “Quite a day out, isn’t it?” he said, and grinned.

Blake is one of those people who tend to look a little different every time you see them. Today, I was sure he was quite a bit fatter than the last time I saw him… but he wore it well, so I wasn’t going to complain.

He sat down across from me, picking up a menu. “So, did you order yet?”

“Nah,” I said, “I just got here. Missed my bus, had to call a taxi.”

“I missed the bus, too. I think they’re running ahead of schedule today. But I figured I’d walk, since it’s only a couple of blocks.”

Scrap – Blake

This is actually almost too small to post, but then I guess most of my scraps are.  This is sort of a new quasi-didactic project I wanted to start, and I spent most of this writing period trying to figure out who’d be involved and what they were like.  It’ll be Blake and a new character, a marten by the name of Emmett.

It was my first date with Blake. Sure, we’d hung out with friends before, run into each other on the promenade, but tonight I’d asked him out officially; he’d given me that subtle smile of his and said “Sure thing, marten.”

I was pretty nervous.

“Got somethin’ for ya…”

"Got somethin' for ya..."You come home to find Blake the red kangaroo sittin’ on yer bed.

He’s been rentin’ a room from ya for some time. He pays in cash and won’t tell ya his last name. You always thought he might be interested in ya, by the way he looks atcha…

“I’ve got somethin’ for ya,” he says, in that overseas accent that always gets yer motor running. “Pick a hand, left or right.”

You’re not sure ya wanna choose either. About this time, honestly, you’d like to go straight down the middle. He winks atcha.

“Right,” you say.

He pulls out his right hand and shows ya it’s empty. Before you can get properly disappointed, he grabs ya with it and pulls ya in for a kiss.

A while back I made a comment somewhere that I don’t think I’ve ever actually designed a character for sexiness as opposed to general cuddliness… and I decided, hey, I could probably give that a shot. He seems to be pretty popular over on FA.