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I’ll admit I only have a vague direction on this so far.

I took a taxi to Rico’s where I figured Blake’d already be waiting for me. But when I gave my name to the maître d’—Green, reservations for two—I found he’d been held up as well; he came to my table about five minutes after I sat down, and he was soaked even wetter than I had been.

He didn’t apologize. “Quite a day out, isn’t it?” he said, and grinned.

Blake is one of those people who tend to look a little different every time you see them. Today, I was sure he was quite a bit fatter than the last time I saw him… but he wore it well, so I wasn’t going to complain.

He sat down across from me, picking up a menu. “So, did you order yet?”

“Nah,” I said, “I just got here. Missed my bus, had to call a taxi.”

“I missed the bus, too. I think they’re running ahead of schedule today. But I figured I’d walk, since it’s only a couple of blocks.”