"Got somethin' for ya..."You come home to find Blake the red kangaroo sittin’ on yer bed.

He’s been rentin’ a room from ya for some time. He pays in cash and won’t tell ya his last name. You always thought he might be interested in ya, by the way he looks atcha…

“I’ve got somethin’ for ya,” he says, in that overseas accent that always gets yer motor running. “Pick a hand, left or right.”

You’re not sure ya wanna choose either. About this time, honestly, you’d like to go straight down the middle. He winks atcha.

“Right,” you say.

He pulls out his right hand and shows ya it’s empty. Before you can get properly disappointed, he grabs ya with it and pulls ya in for a kiss.

A while back I made a comment somewhere that I don’t think I’ve ever actually designed a character for sexiness as opposed to general cuddliness… and I decided, hey, I could probably give that a shot. He seems to be pretty popular over on FA.