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Library updates

Added Arky’s offer 2 (NSFW) to the library page.

(This was posted to FA earlier as Scott the Alchemist 3, but apparently I hadn’t titled 1 and 2 that way here.)

Also removed the Ralph stories from the ‘clean’ page.  They’re not porn, but they do talk about shenanigans, so.   Really I’m kind of on the fence about them—both the chapters I’ve posted so far were written with more explicitness than the published versions.  I cut that stuff out because their story didn’t seem to be about the sex.  But in another sense it feels weird to gloss over it.   I’ll probably post a more porny ‘director’s cut’ in the future.

1st draft – Scott the Alchemist 3

I don’t normally find myself with this many finished drafts to post.  There should be a lot more shorter progress posts from here on out as far as stories go; enjoy these longer bits while you can.  (If you’ve missed out on Scott’s story so far, chapter one and chapter two, also NSFW, are available on Yiffstar.)

NSFW (M/M, CTF, weird) behind cut →