I’ve been wanting to finish Kaido no Yume for a long time now.  The main problem with that plan is that I’ve already written the ending, and I’d like to find it before I start filling in the rest.  So this is just a scribble on what happens afterwards.

It was the day after that—that—

I still can’t call it a dream. It left me so… so sore, really. Inside and out. I’d been someone else for so long, and my muscles had to get used to being Kohath again.

It’d only been one night.

I wasn’t sure what to do next. I mean, obviously, back to life, such as it was. But had I learned anything? Was I supposed to have?

I stayed in bed, confused. What do you do when your life has ended but you’re still living?

I missed Iisera.

No, actually—I was grieving for it.

Couldn’t have been just a dream, then—I’m not that messed up, am I?

It’s too darn cold in here.

I wanted to stay in bed, but I couldn’t; hunger, the call of nature, and a vague feeling I was supposed to do something with my day soon forced me out of bed.

The lunar winds were still howling. I resisted the urge to chime in.

I’m a wolf, right.

Sometimes… Sometimes the wolves are silent and the moon is howling. I’d read that somewhere.

I felt like I hadn’t read anything in years.

Anyway, up. Call of nature, attended to. For hunger, a quick sandwich. And I continued to wonder what I was supposed to do with my day.