I’ve already got the beginning and the ending of this story written out; this week, like the past few times I’ve been working on it, I’ve been writing to link the beginning and the ending together.  Since this is a bit out of context, I should explain that Ralph’s mind is in Frank here; Ralph is mostly in charge of the body but Frank’s mind is still present, chiefly as an observer by this time of the day.

Usually I got my sleeping done while Ralph was at work. For the moment, though, I’d had enough sleep. You bet you have, Ralph said, and took over. “Time to be a better tiger.”

He put on my shoes and got in my car, heading for campus.

I wasn’t really sure what he had in mind, but I felt him running through my memories on the way back.

You don’t know how good you have it, he thought.


Heck, you even get free food out here…

It’s not free.

Well, it gets billed to your parents and they don’t complain. They won’t begrudge you your brain food! My dad won’t even buy me a hamburger.

He got in line at the cafeteria.

Now me, I don’t really know anybody at school. I keep to myself when I’m not with Ralph.

Ralph obviously wasn’t having any of that.