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[partim] Silk Rail.

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The rat shook his head. “No, no holdup on the boats, just the people. Some fool destroyed a railroad bridge.”

“A bridge?” I said. “Don’t they have to be pretty sturdy for the trains to go over them?”

“Never mind that,” he said. “The priest here will just have a few questions for you and you can be on your way.”

[partim] Silk Rail.

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It was a bit more crowded than I’d hoped, but about as much as I’d expected. I started to have doubts about my story. What possible reason could anyone have to come to Sepouri, of all places, for a ship to Karkedon?

A rat soldier in a Tarsan crest and an ibis priest of Aiol approached, and I got off my horse to show appropriate deference.

What did people normally come here for anyway?

Small town with a harbor. Not exactly a hub of commerce, so… Things don’t come here, things come from here.

“And what brings you to town today, young wolf?”

What comes from Sepouri?

“I’m a… freedman,” I said, answering the soldier with only a bit of hesitation. “On my way home to Karkedon.”

“A freedman with a horse?” said the priest.

“Must have been a favorite slave,” said the soldier. I tried not to blush.

“Well, he doesn’t look like he’s been working in the galena mines.”

Galena, right. Who could have remembered that?

“Are the boats being held up today?” I asked.

[WIP] Myces, page 5

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[WIP] Myces page 5

Apparently I haven’t posted any progress on this page yet?
Well, there hasn’t been much done in a while, though I did get some done this week.
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Desc – Periont

One of my projects is to have comprehensive references to each of my characters — body-wise, personality-wise, history-wise, and so forth. Here’s the scrap I have so far on our traveller Periont.

His adult height is about five foot seven, ears excluded. He is of a moderate build, slightly tending towards lean and muscular, and weighs in at about one hundred sixty pounds, tail excluded.

Periont around the time of his story is a νεανίσκος somewhere in his lower- to mid-twenties. This is apparent from looking at him—his features are mature enough that he is certainly no longer a teenager, and while the salt-and-pepper fur he has in places might give an initial impression of aging, he is otherwise youthful enough that he couldn’t pass for over thirty.

Scrap – Silk Rail

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So as to avoid suspicion, I stayed the night at an inn, instead of fleeing immediately. I got up at dawn, paid my bill, and rode out of town before the alarm was raised. I figured they’d be holding up any ships from going downriver, so I headed for Sepouri to take a ship back to Karkedon.

I hoped to make it before anyone thought of closing the port—but I didn’t rush, because nothing makes people ask questions like seeing a wolf in a hurry.

I made it to the harbor some time after noon.

WIP – Myces page 4

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Myces 2 – Fenceposts.

Woot! Finished coloring this page… so now I’m done with the color backlog on Myces stuff, more or less, and can focus on coloring the last page and drawing the next.
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Myces page 3 – Telebuttation

Well, I was wrong about the Magni profile coming next — that honor went to the next page of the satyr comic.

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Myces page 4 – final B&W

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