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Desc – Periont

One of my projects is to have comprehensive references to each of my characters — body-wise, personality-wise, history-wise, and so forth. Here’s the scrap I have so far on our traveller Periont.

His adult height is about five foot seven, ears excluded. He is of a moderate build, slightly tending towards lean and muscular, and weighs in at about one hundred sixty pounds, tail excluded.

Periont around the time of his story is a νεανίσκος somewhere in his lower- to mid-twenties. This is apparent from looking at him—his features are mature enough that he is certainly no longer a teenager, and while the salt-and-pepper fur he has in places might give an initial impression of aging, he is otherwise youthful enough that he couldn’t pass for over thirty.

The Great Inland Sea.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

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Yeah, I redid the map from page 3 of the Myces comic  to be a little more geographically accurate (but not too much so!)

Myces’ setting is the same as Periont’s setting—you probably wouldn’t know him yet, since he is only in one [pretty rough] story fragment of mine so far, but the plan is for Myces to join him and travel to Aptat Tol with him.    Yes, I’m afraid there’s a story beyond the episodic weirdness.

I’ll need to fix the spelling—what I have here is pretty much inherited from the [nsfw] original drawing, but I can see I’ve misspelled Iknos, at least, and I do keep writing Witalie instead of Ouitalie for some reason.