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WIP [partim] – Myces page 3

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WIP – Myces page 4

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WIP [coloring, partim] – Myces page 1

(Regarding the tags: I’ve decided for convenience’ sake to call Myces’ world “Terce”, in the way Maxim’s is “Nother”, so from here on out you can watch that tag for things set here even if Myces doesn’t appear in them.)

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WIP [partim] – Myces page 4

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WIP [coloring] – Myces page 2

Didn’t get to make much progress this week.  Not really happy with the way the lines are coming out—I really want to get back into doing linework properly, by hand (it’s on my agenda for my next batch of arts).

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WIP [partim] – Myces page 4

Satyrisks are weird, man.  Жуй хуй indeed.

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WIP [coloring] – Myces page 1 (Bunny stuffing)

Been working on coloring this one too, the one that started it all, and still my favorite.

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WIP [partim] – Myces page 4

Worked on the sane panel for a bit.  I’m not happy with it chiefly because I still can’t get the hang of drawing people walking.  There’s actually a bit of background that was too light to make it into the scan—not much, admittedly, but it’s not going to be a featureless white void.

Myces page 4 as of 2009-08-25 How do you draw walking and make it look convincing?

Also: I know the Mycenaean is pretty bad, even (especially) taken as Greek.

WIP – Myces page 4 (where we meet Xylophanes)

Someday I won’t be so slow at drawing and I’ll be able to post new pages of things before people have forgotten the old ones.

Haha, who am I kidding?  Nobody forgets these.

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WIP [coloring] – Myces page 2 (The one with the fencepost).

I actually am working on coloring these.  (For those who missed out, the full-size b&w version is in my Fur Affinity scraps.)  I know it’s strange, outlandish stuff, but that’s what imagination’s for.

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