At first I thought Xylophanes would look more like Myces… but I figured he’d really have a lot to differentiate himself from his brother by now. And it’s not like they’re twins or anything.

So this is more or less him:   Ξουλφανά, 𐀓𐀱𐀬𐀞𐀙 (ku-su-ro-pa-na) to the satyrs of Kret, the guy in charge, and he’s this sort of scrawny, goofy-lookin’ cockhound.   In bunny slippers.

Why’s he in bunny slippers, you ask.

Because his toes are cold.

All right, in general I’m not entirely happy with this.  I think it all comes down to drawing small.  It’s not that there’s only so much detail you can put on an 8½″×11″ sheet of paper, though I suppose that’s the superclass of the problem; I need more space for my big clumsy lines.  Gah.