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Sleepin’ in.

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When I posted this to FA I still wasn’t entirely happy with it. Nevertheless, it’s turning out to be one of my more popular non-adult pieces.

WIP – Hlahtar

So, this is the first draft of linework… not satisfied with it yet, though, want to make it better. At the very least: I’m not sure his body looks like he’s quite resting on his weight; I’m not sure his head is interacting with the pillow properly; I don’t think his head looks properly otterly.

Other suggestions would be great, before I start taking shading to it.

WIP – Hlahtar

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I’m not fond of the way his legs are connecting to his torso.

WIP – Hlahtar

A very rough sketch so far.  There’s so many things wrong with this I couldn’t even begin to say.  How many can you find?