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Most of us don’t have enough friends to come together and create what we need—so every calends everyone who can comes together to help.

I sat in the circle near the center and focused on my need.  It was the same as always—I needed more time.

I’ve always been afraid, since I was young, of not having enough time—life is short, and even a full sixty years wouldn’t be enough to create all the art I wanted.

So I started wishing for time, to fit more into the day.  The way it works, I see things going slower, and get nearly twice as many hours in the day.  I have to stop for sleep around midday, and I end up eating twice as much, but I can afford it.  I sell a lot of art, and my skill keeps increasing with all the practice.

The magic usually runs out around the middle of the month, though.  We can do a lot, but we’re not omnipotent.  And there’s always more I want to bring into the world, so I keep coming back for more.  Some desires are addictive, and this may be one of them, but I’m not hurting anyone.

The circle of light continued to brighten.  Many come in covering their eyes, but I found inspiration in the illuminated air, and gazed into it as long as I could.

As the threshold of power was crossed, I saw the movements of the other maccans begin to slow.

Ah, sweet time.  I lay back to look up at the sky.

It was absolutely dark, and it wasn’t the rain.

I leapt up immediately, yelling “Nightmare!”, escaping the circle and making a good bit of distance before anyone else had a chance to react.

There was a terrible grinding noise as the darkness penetrated the light.  There wouldn’t be any opportunity to go in and save anyone—it would already be too late.