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The next morning, though, I was in front of a blank Word document, trying to think, if the feat could be duplicated, what would be worth doing.

The sight of my roommate’s belly hanging out had stuck with me all day and invaded my fantasies that night.

And I had thus already started Jay’s new ad:

GWM, 25, 450#…

…I wanted to see that big belly.  And, I thought, typing with one hand while the other stroked myself firmly through my sweatpants, I wanted to see that belly.  I added “nudist” to his self-description.  Be brave, Jay! Show it all off!

The paper was a small one, with an… alternative audience, you might say, so I could probably get away with a lot of… intimate details.

I tried to imagine what I’d want most in a fat, naked roommate.

My dick was out in my hand and I was jerking it desperately as my free hand started to type—


My hand was already quite wet with pre as I stroked myself to the thought of a 450-pound Jay casually jerking off in the living room, watching TV…

And then I hesitated, worried.  What if it didn’t work? Someone would call, and who else would have done it?  It’d be too obvious I’d hijacked his ad.

Baby steps, then.  I left the rest of his ad the same.  If he asked about the nudism and the exhibitionism, I’d say I was trying to spice him up a bit.  And if he asked about the weight, well… it was a typo, of course it’d be a typo.

I hit Print.

I was so caught up in the fantasy that I neglected to watch my aim and ended up shooting my load all over the monitor.

If only it would work again!