I’ve been wanting to write more of Ralph’s story from Ralph’s perspective—thought it’d probably be like the ‘after dark’ version of the book. So I started writing some of this, and while the ideas are sort of there, it doesn’t sound like Ralph at all, so this will need some thorough rewriting when rewriting time comes.

I thought I’d write in my tiger’s book a bit.

More just so he knows I’ve been looking at it.  He’s so shy, even in his writing.  It’s so like him—he writes out all the sex but he doesn’t post any of it.

And the stuff he does write, well—

—Well, his shyness shows through, even there.  He won’t bring up any of the fun details like his real reaction when he first saw me naked, the way he begs for me when he wants it, the adorable way he always tries, and fails, to swallow every last drop—

My tiger may be shy in a lot of things, but shy in bed he ain’t.

At least, so long as it ain’t in public.

There are a few things I don’t mind him leaving out.  He hasn’t brought up my stutter, and he writes it, but subtly enough you probably wouldn’t notice.  I’m sure you guys wouldn’t like me as much if everything I said was all “Y-y-yeah,” or whatever.  I’ll give him credit for that, he’s a smart kitty.

He hides a lot of my flaws really.  But it’s probably that he doesn’t notice them in the first place.  It’d be just like him.

The big thing you should know, that he didn’t put in his story, is that I did love him already.  He kind of makes it sound like the mindswap was responsible—but I’ve cared for this kitty ever since—

Well, I guess I do have a story to add.