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“Our cousins in Karkedon are feeling left out, are they.”  Of course he would already know; the wind blows where it wishes, and he always hears…

“A shame, of course—imagine what Kron’s city could be like under the tutelage of its god!  Instead… well, you have heard the depths Kron has sunk to?”

I hadn’t, unless—“You mean the children? A crazy rumor—no one puts faith in it.”

“There is the benign ritual, open to all… but behind it a darker one only seen by a select few… and the wind that fans the flames.”

He looked a little ill as he said that.  “We’ll bring an end to that, soon enough,” he said. “The bridge was a surprise.  Their agents must be protected.  You’ll need to put up a guard.”

The gods do have no sense of scale sometimes.  “Guard? Thousands of miles of road? There aren’t enough people—it’d take an army just to cover from here to Bousantie!”