Woo — really excited to be working on the next chapter of Ralph’s story! Have had to do a lot of thinking ahead to future chapters to get some of the appropriate ideas in place… and still need to add in an extra chapter for the day before ‘The day I first travelled in time’.

I was pretty tuckered out after the double workout I’d had with Ralph. He’d run off to wash up and, from the sound of it, stopped off for a midnight snack when I heard a knock at the window.

I got up—still naked, but trying to cover myself with the blanket—and went over to the window, unlocking and opening it with some effort.

On the other side of the glass, a tiger was outside my window. And not just any tiger—while he was certainly older, greying at the edges but still in the full vigor of manhood, the pattern of the stripes was the same as that of my own.