Sorry for the lack of updates lately, folks. I’ve been in a whole other place.

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I fought the urge to shut my eyes, to shut out the sight of the monster charging me.

It lowered its head as it got close. When I saw those massive horns begin to swing aside as if to disarm me, I stepped aside with them, lowered the spear, and held on tight.

The beast didn’t have time to move its head to knock the spear aside; half a second later, I felt the impact of the flaming spear under its chin.

Inertia kept the beast moving, and though I thought I was ready for it, I wasn’t fast enough; when I tried to hop aside, the ram struck my side, knocking me over, and I felt the full weight of its hind hoof on my foot.

I’m sure I must have yelled out, but I only remember the sound the ram made—a bellow weaker than before, still fierce, but somehow without anger.

It slowed down and finally fell over, the flaming spear igniting the fur around the wound. The fire spread quickly and soon covered the beast’s body.

I noticed a flickering in the air above it, and when I looked up, I saw the amassed rows of kelvins fading from sight; a moment later, there was nothing left in the arena but me, Munk, and the dead ram.