Sorry for the delay in posting. Had a week or so where I didn’t have anything to post, and fell out of the habit. (It’s that easy!)

Anyway, I finished the picture of Taaq Ulluriittuq:

Click to embiggen

I think it came out about right, even though it’s ridiculously permeated by my style.

The description I posted elsewhere with this pic:

ᑖᖅ ᐅᓪᓗᕇᑦᑐᖅ (Taaq Ulluriittuq) out on an iceberg, watching the starless dark.

He usually goes by ‘Starless’ since his given name tends to give others trouble. He lives in Nother in the 28th century, and is the last one of his kind on record. They offered to revive icebearkind by cloning from him, but he didn’t see the point to it—”other folk live just as well as we did”. He moved to a frontier planet and spends most of his nights out on the sea, watching the empty sky.

I suppose that’s not a natural iceberg. It’s probably motorized.

I know it’d be an interesting frontier that would not have a view of any stars… There’s probably some kind of physical barrier to letting the light through, like the dust cloud around Krikkit.