Continuation from last time,  and the full first draft for those who haven’t seen it yet.  I won’t have much posted this week: much of last week’s art and writing time was spent on stuff outside the scope of this blog.

He paid two nummi for the bread and headed back out to the street, putting the loaf in his bag.  The wind brought a luxurious smell of citrus, of apples and grapes, making Kohath’s belly rumble.  Time enough for eating later, right?  No… let’s see if we can find something good. He went down to the square at the end of the street where the fruitsellers were set up.

The first stall he saw belonged to a very small tiger selling very large berries.  He picked up a raspberry the size of an orange and looked it over, somewhat impressed.

“Biggest berries in the province,” the tiger said. “I have a certificate from the general saying so.”  It was framed and hanging behind him; he seemed pretty proud of it.  “All natural, too.”

Kohath considered the fruit for a moment, then put it down.  “Maybe next time,” he said, and moved on.  New food can be hit or miss, and today was not a day for taking risks.