First/previous part

Since it was my special day, I got first swing at it.

They cleared out some space in the break room to set everything up and soon the whole office was crowded round as Stevens tied a blindfold on me.

“Watch the mane,” I said. “I don’t need more tangles.”

The wolf snorted and put the bat in my paws. “You’re cool,” he said, spinning me around several times. “Go for it, old man!”

I heard the office girls cheering as I started swinging upwards. Whiffed it. Tried again, still no luck.

Stevens started making fun. I ignored him.

I swung again, and connected—but the piñata didn’t break. I swung again at the same spot, and nearly fell over as I missed altogether—darn thing must have still been swinging.

I waited a second and gave it another go, and this time broke it open with a good solid whack.

I was doused in a shower of… confetti?

I took off the blindfold. Definitely confetti.

Stevens scoffed. “No candy? What a gyp. I paid fifty bucks for that.”

The crowd dispersed to get their sugar rush elsewhere—mostly flocking to the cake in the corner—and I tried to shake the stray bits of paper out of my fur.