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WIP – Magni


Feet – did I mention feet still need being worked on?  They’re not entirely as bad as I thought they were, but they wouldn’t dare stand on their own.

WIP – Magni

I like the way his face is coming out.  Outside of, you know, the enormous chin; I’ll have to do something about that.


The feet as well are going to have to be redrawn when I get to them.  I’m not the best at feet in general but even I can tell these are definitely not feet to be proud of.

WIP – Magni

All right, so this is one of my characters that’s seen far too little implementation. By which I mean to say I was kind of attached to him in high school fifteen years ago (fifteen years ago! *waves old man cane*), but I don’t think I’ve yet put down anything about him.  So he came up next in my series of profiles (previous: Maxim, Huck) and this is what I’ve got so far:


He’s a rami by the name of Magni—he also goes by Mack.  His last name has fluctuated over time; I’m pretty sure its current value isn’t congruent with (the latest version of) good Rami phonology, so I won’t bother to list it here until it’s finalized.

Drawing this guy was complicated by the fact that after all this time it was somewhat difficult to envision what he actually looked like.  It does not help that my only picture of him was drawn in the dark ages, before I learned how to draw—I was trying to construct the above from the below:


Yeah. Considering that, I’d almost say I did pretty well.   He might look better with accessories like that but it doesn’t match the profile template I’m working by.